Careers in Alternative Health

The natural health and alternative medicine field offers many career opportunities. From massage therapists to naturopathic doctors, many opportunities exist for career satisfaction and advancement.

Acupressure Certification

Acupressure Certification

Many alternative medicine learning institutes offer acupressure courses. If you want to provide acupressure, being certified will help you learn more about the techniques and show your clients you are qualified. Find information in this article about getting an acupressure certification.

Guidelines for Art Therapy Certification

Art therapy certification involves more than just a love of art and people, although that is a great start. An art therapist must first hold a masters degree before applying for the art therapy certification program. Find out about the process and possibilities this alternative health career holds.

Careers in Acupuncture

Acupuncture, one specialty in the growing field of traditional Chinese Medicine, offers a number of opportunities but requires schooling and forethought. Private practice, working as part of a larger practice or veterinary acupuncture are all ways to enter the field.
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