Fitness for Kids

Learn all about kids’ fitness products and programs related to keeping your child happy and at a healthy weight. Find out how the Wii is a great investment and how team sports build more than just character. Want advice on how to motivate your kids and get them more interested in the outdoors than indoors? We can help.

Causes of Weight Gain in Children

With all of the exciting technology available for children these days it can be difficult at times to pull them away and get them out for fresh air and sunshine. It is important to remember diet and excersize even though the computer and video games are very entertaining.

Jump Rope Tricks for Children

Jump rope tricks are a fun and enjoyable way for children to develop cardiovascular endurance. This fitness trait becomes so important as the child grows older, and keeping the kid involved in cardiovascular activity will instill habits he or she will use for life to fight obesity.

Quick Tips for Teen Bodybuilders

Are you a teen who wants to become a bodybuilder? If so, there are some things you’ll need to know first. Find out what should be considered and how to get started on your way to getting your name in the teen bench press records.

How Teens Get in Shape

Would you like to find out how teens get in shape? Maybe you’re a teenager who could stand to lose a few pounds, but don’t really know how to get started. Find out what other teens do to stay healthy through exercise.

Why Is Gym Class So Important

There are a number of physical and mental reasons that answer the question of why is gym class so important. Studies show that kids who take a gym class are of better health than those who do not.

School P.E. May Not Lower Child Obesity

While studies show that school P.E. is helpful for overall physical fitness, a number of recent news articles reveal that school P.E. does not necessarily lower child obesity. A study published in March 2009 by the Canadian medical journal CMAJ focuses on school P.E. and child obesity rates.