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Learn all about kids' fitness products and programs related to keeping your child happy and at a healthy weight. Find out how the Wii is a great investment and how team sports build more than just character. Want advice on how to motivate your kids and get them more interested in the outdoors than indoors? We can help.

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  • How Teens Can Gain Weight Quickly
    There are right ways and wrong ways for teenagers to gain weight quickly. Don't overload on junk food, instead follow these healthy tips.
  • Kids Summer Outdoor Games
    Games involving the neighborhood kids in the great outdoors will help your kids become more social, appreciate simple entertainment and save you some money on membership fees.
  • The Benefits of Regular Exercise for Kids
    We all know how important it is to get regular exercise for ourselves, but it's especially important for our kids. Exercise for kids has many benefits that include weight management and a healthy mental attitude. Find out how much exercise your kids need to grow up strong.
  • Self Defense for Kids
    Teaching your child self defense techniques can help them to stay safe and defend himself. You don't have to be a black belt to teach self defense to your kids, as some basics can go a long way.
  • What Safety Equipment Is Needed When Inline Skating?
    It’s good to know what safety equipment is needed when inline skating before you hit the rink or trail. Making a small investment in the right inline skating gear won’t keep you from looking stupid when you fall, but it will help you stay injury-free.
  • How To Support a Child in Youth Sports
    The role of parental involvement in youth sports is very important. Learn how to support your child not just financially but also mentally with these tips.
  • Fun Summer Activities for Kids
    With school out soon your kids will most likely be at home for the majority if not all of the day. It is very important to incorporate daily fun summer activities for kids not only to prevent boredom, but to engage in a healthy lifestyle.
  • Is Your Child Ready for Organized Sports?
    Organized sports are a great form of exercise for kids, but before you sign up your little one for pee wee football, be sure he's ready physically and mentally.
  • Youth Fitness Facts That May Surprise You
    The fact is there’s reason for concern with the fitness of our youth today. The statistics are real and often shocking. More kids today are obese and overweight than ever before. The statistics and facts clearly reveal the enormity of the situation.
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