Fitness Activities for Children

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Fitness Activities For Children

Fitness can be fun for the entire family. Take a look at some of these silly ideas that can be both fun and rewarding for adults and children alike.

Hula Hoop Contest !! Gather up a few hula hoops and be sure to have one for yourself. This is such a silly and fun activity to do. There will be lots smiles and giggles to be had while getting some much-needed exercise. This is a great fitness activity that can be done both indoors or outside.

Jump Rope Contest !! You can create a friendly competition among your children. With your participation, this fitness activity can be tons of fun and laughs for all! Take turns counting how many jumps each participant can do.

Duck, Duck…Goose !! Ask the children to sit in a circle. Ask someone to volunteer to be It, or you can be It to get the excitement going, and give the children an idea on how the game will proceed. Slowly begin to walk around the circle, touching the head of each child, saying, “Duck” each time. Its also fun to make quacking sounds between saying “Duck”.

Then, after a few times around the circle tapping each child on the head, choose your Goose! The child you tap and say “Goose” to is now It. Now Goose must jump up and chase It and try to touch them before before It is able to make it to the seat that Goose jumped up from. Cheers for It if they are able to make it to the seat before being touched. Cheers for Goose if they tag IT before they are able to return to the empty seat.

Parachute Ball !! A blanket will do if you do not have a parachute for this activity. Place a small ball or stuffed animal in the center of the parachute and have the children grab the ends of the parachute and lift, making the object in the center rise up into the air. The object is to keep the object or objects on the parachute while raising up and down into the air. You may also enjoy having the children take turns while each of you runs under the parachute to the other side.

Remember when an adult is participating in the activity it is such a joy for children. These ideas are sure to accomplish desired exercise as well as quality time with your little ones.