Slow and Steady Wins the Race: Slow Burn Exercise for the Total Gym

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A Whirlwind of Exercises

Many people want to know how to burn more fat and build more muscle during a workout. There are so many different exercise methodologies, it can become difficult to determine the right one for you.

Slow burn exercise for the Total Gym technique is a great option for those looking to tone their bodies with strength training. The very nature of this type of exercise makes it ideal for those prone to injury, such as a recovering athlete or a senior, and the total gym exercise system is ideal for implementing this methodology.

Dissecting the Slow Burn Technique

This type of exercise focuses on minimizing momentum, thus increasing the intensity of muscular effort. Unlike other types of exercise, the weights are never jerked up or snatched and there is no set number of reps. Instead, each movement is done slowly and deliberately so that you can feel the burn and the contraction and release of each individual muscle group. Since each rep is so intense, you simply do as many reps as you can until you can’t do any more. For some people, this may only be two or three reps, while for others it can be up to seven or eight reps. After each set of reps, it is vital to allow the muscles to rest and the breathing to return to normal before moving forward.

There are many advantages to this type of exercise. As mentioned earlier, the lack of excessive speed and force makes it ideal for those with fragile or recovering bodies, as excessive force can result in injury. While fast paced exercise techniques, such as plyometrics, Olympic training or Tai Bo, are great for athletes trying to keep in shape, they can result in serious injury and strain for the untrained body. It may be tempting to engage in one of the afore-mentioned exercise methodologies after seeing your favorite athlete or workout star raving about it, but we must remember that each of our bodies is at a different level.

The Total Gym: An Ideal Tool

In many ways, it seems like the Total Gym system was made to be partnered with the slow burn technique. Like the slow burn technique, the Total Gym was designed to be used in rehabilitation centers where most of the users are recovering athletes or have fragile bodies. The smooth motions of the Total Gym make movements easy on the joints and the various height levels allow the exercises to be modified for every level. One of the greatest benefits is the back support built into this device. Outlined below are some slow burn exercise for the Total Gym methodologies. If done correctly and consistently, this sample workout will strengthen and tone your body without risk of injury.

Incline Ab Crunch

Begin by adjusting the glide board of the Total Gym to an incline that is comfortable for you. As your fitness level increases, the incline can also be adjusted.

Lie back on the inclined glide board with your feet resting on the foot rests. Place your hands under your head and slowly lift the upper half of your body while keeping your feet firmly planted in the foot rests. Your eyes should be trained on the ceiling, and your head should be lifted straight up towards the ceiling and not down towards the stomach.

Focus on using only the abdominal muscles and not the shoulders, back or leg muscles. Keep the entire movement, from lying on the glide board to lifting up, as one smooth and continuous motion. Unlike traditional crunches, you should feel a slow burn within one to two repetitions. Remember to exhale as you lift up and inhale as you move back down.

Lateral Arm Pull

This exercise works the shoulders, biceps, triceps and chest, all with one simple movement. Start by sitting on the glide board with your legs extended and feet crossed at the ankle, using the glide board as a bench. Keep your back straight as you sit in this position.

Keep the arm closer to the pulling mechanism placed on your hip. The other arm that is farther from the pulling mechanism should reach over and pull the mechanism across the body. The movement should mimic opening a door. As with the abdominal crunch, the movement should be done very slowly. The arm resistance should be moved across the body in a minimum of seven seconds and should be released across the body with another minimum of seven seconds.

Iron Cross

This is one of the most important exercises as it works both the lower back and the shoulders. Weak lower back muscles are one of the leading causes of back pain, and it is difficult to find exercises that target this area.

Begin by lying back on the glide board, and adjust the incline according to your fitness level. Bring your knees toward the chest with your feet planted on the glide board. Use both hands to reach behind your head and grab the pulling mechanisms.

Each rep consists of slowly pulling the body up towards the top of the glide board with the arms. After holding this position for roughly 10 seconds slowly release the arms and move back down the board. Once again, do as many reps as possible until you cannot do any more.

Seated Chest Fly

The seated chest fly works out the chest, shoulders and abs. Begin by sitting on top of glide bench with your knees at a 45-degree angle. Extend your arms to the sides and grab the pulling mechanism. Once you are in position, move the arms from straight out to pointing together to the front of the chest.

Final Reminders

Remember to strength train no more than three times per week, and to do more than eight exercises per session. Never do more than, six to eight repetitions of one exercise. If these practices are performed with consistency, then results without injury are almost guaranteed.

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