Free Fitness Programs for Youth

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What Can Your Kids Do for Free to Stay Fit?

Fitness camps and weight management programs for children are in abundance and most are offered at a reasonable price. However, you do not have to leave the house to create a fun fitness program for your child.The idea is to increase physical activity in all our lives. Many adults are overweight and childhood diabetes is on the rise along with obesity and other diseases.

Whatever your income level and wherever you live, you can give your children the most precious gift available to anyone; a strong, healthy body. From taking a daily walk after dinner to rockin' out in the living-room to your kids' favorite band, you can show your kids fun ways to stay fit, while gaining the benefits of fitness right along with them. Setting an example is the best way to get started.

  • Check with your local community center about free or very low cost team or community-based sports programs. Even if they are paid programs, they may also offer the activities on a sliding pay scale according to your income.

  • Try inviting some of the neighborhood kids along for a ride with you and your children. Its a great social opportunity as well as the chance to get some exercise while having fun. Remember, you have to be creative when dealing with children. The more it appears to be fun and not work, the easier it will be to start this as a part of your daily routine.

  • Head to an area park where you can find walking and jogging trails, along the trails you will see postings with ideas on things you can do to add to your workout. Have your child read the sign and demonstrate to you what they interpret the sign to say that must be done next. This is another fun way to keep them involved in the process and gives them a sence of leadership and control of the workout. Be a patient student at each stop point, it may take a bit longer to complete the trail at this rate but the time you spend with your child or group will be worth it in the end. Good Luck !