Presidential Physical Fitness Requirements: Kids Get Awarded for Fitness:

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If you’re looking for something to help motivate students of all ages to improve their level of physical fitness, while also reaping added benefits such as brain stimulation, improved self-esteem and self-confidence, decreasing risk for illness and disease, as well as a desire to achieve, the Presidential Physical Fitness test may be just what is needed. It offers structure and framework for competing, accomplishing goals and continually performing better.

The Presidential Physical Fitness Test is one of four separate programs that recognizes and rewards students for their physical fitness levels. The test consists of five events, including curl-ups or partial curl-ups, shuttle run, endurance walk or run, pull-ups or right-angle push-ups, and V-sit (exercise to tone the abdominals) or sit and reach.

This test is for students who are in generally good health and promotes a basic level of fitness among students, encourages physical fitness on a regular basis and provides awards for participants who meet the presidential physical fitness requirements or pre-determined qualifying factors represented in order to recognized and receive any of these three awards:

· The Presidential Physical Fitness Award

· The National Physical Fitness Award

· The Participant Physical Fitness Award

Each award addresses a different level of achievement, with the Presidential Fitness Award being the most challenging and given to those who perform in the 85th percentile. The National Physical Fitness Award is given to participants who perform in the 50th percentile. Kids who make an attempt by performing in all events, although they score below the 50th percentile, are awarded the Participant Physical Fitness Award. It can be seen that simply making an effort pays off and is a rewarding experience for children. It’s a great way for kids to become comfortable by getting involved.

The Presidential Physical Fitness requirements are simply straight-forward. Other than being in generally good health and physically able to participate, all that is necessary is commitment, effort and ability to achieve the pre-established qualifications identified above. The rewards are enough to inspire participation, not to mention gratification. Participating in this test proves to be a win-win situation.