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Jump Rope Tricks for Kids

written by: Finn Orfano • edited by: KJ Fitness,Ink • updated: 7/29/2009

Jump rope tricks are a fun and enjoyable way for children to develop cardiovascular endurance. This fitness trait becomes so important as the child grows older, and keeping the kid involved in cardiovascular activity will instill habits he or she will use for life to fight obesity.

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    Getting started

    You will want to first make sure the jump rope is the right size. Standing in the middle of the jump rope, hold up each handle towards your armpits. If the jump rope reaches your armpits, you're in good shape. Even if the jump rope is too long, you can wrap the extra length around your hand or handily. However, if the jump rope is too small do not try to use it for it is dangerous.

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    The Basic Jump - Single and Double

    The most basic building block of jumping rope is the single jump. Start by holding each end of the rope with the rope behind you at your ankles. Swinging the rope forward, jump over the rope when it reaches your toes. When the jope comes back to your toes, jump over it again, and continue, seeing how long you can go without stumbling. This is called the single jump. For a double jump, simple add one hop in between waiting for the jump rope to each your toes again. The double jump is easier for some because it allows you to move at a slower pace, while single jumps will immediately rev up your heart rate.

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    Ski Jump and Twist

    Once you get the hang of the basic jump, you may want to change it up a bit. Start with the ski jump, hoisting your body forward, then backward, first in forward diagonal direction to the left on the first jump. Once you return to your original spot on the second jump, jump forward in a left diagonal position for the third jump. Return to the original spot on the fourth jump. For the twist, you simply stay in the same position, but rotate your hips clockwise and counter clockwise 90 degrees (or as close to that as you can), moving only your hips.

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    Side Swing

    For the side saddle, on the first beat you will put both your hands together and swing the jump rope to the left in front of you. On the second beat, you will catch the right handle of the rope with your right hand and jump. You will then repeat the side swing on your right-hand side on the third beat. On the fourth beat, catch the left handle with your left hand and make a jump.