Physical Fitness in Schools is Important: Benefits of Physical Activity for Kids

Physical Fitness in Schools is Important: Benefits of Physical Activity for Kids
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Physical education is essential for the mental, physical and emotional development of kids. Physical education seems to have been deemed unimportant, or at least not as important as other educational subjects. This is because the value of physical education is underestimated, which is unfortunate for our children.

There are many proven benefits to regular physical fitness being included as part of a regular, healthy lifestyle. That process of physical fitness begins with education. Our kids need to know that information is available to them and how they can readily access

that information. They need to be accountable to employing what they learn. They need to see adults and role models value physical education and physical activity. Importantly, adults need to show children that we care about their physical education and physical well-being.

It’s time we put concerted effort in teaching our kids about their body and balance of proper eating/nutrition, sleeping/resting, exercising and minimizing stress. The aims and objectives of physical education are to help kids learn how to develop and maintain healthy fitness levels and to appreciate being physically active.

One crucial benefit of physical education and physical activity is stimulation of the brain. This means that incorporating physical fitness into your lifestyle gets the brain working better by improving circulation. Just knowing this should be enough to encourage us to step up to the plate, ensure that our children are taught the purpose of fitness activities, be sure they know the correct way to perform activities and be willing to go beyond the call to ensure our children know and understand the value of maintaining healthy fitness levels.

What ever happened to physical fitness in many of our schools? In addition to holding our kids accountable, let’s be accountable for voicing our concern and suggestions about including physical fitness in school for the “health” of it as well as to improve scholastic performance. Let’s also hold school legislators and administrators accountable for ensuring that our kids learn about the importance of and participate in regular physical activity.

Let’s make physical education enjoyable for our children whenever possible. Children are never too young to get started. So, get up, get moving, and get busy helping to restore the value of physical education.

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