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So you've been buying more fruits and vegetables, reading food labels and doing all those things that are supposed to make you a healtheir eater. But how do you continue your healthy habits into the kitchen? Find a wide array of healthy cooking tips and techniques that will ensure you get the optimum nutrients out of your food. You'll find ideas for new cooking methods to try like grilling or steaming, or healthy swaps like using apple sauce in place of oil when baking. This is just the start of the many new cooking and baking ideas to explore.

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  • How to Freeze Summer Squash
    Summer squash is a nutritious addition to many dishes, but its relatively short shelf life means that you can't keep your pantry well stocked with it. Luckily, there are techniques you can use to freeze summer squash so that it is available all year round.
  • 10 French Culinary Terms for Vegetable Forms and Sizes
    You are prepared to try a recipe and you are puzzled about the meaning of the word “julienne” or “noisette.” These are French words which the French have given to the world as a culinary legacy. Most of the expressions used in cooking world-wide are of French origin. Here are 10 of these terms.
  • Whip Up Some Healthy, Tasty Party Foods For Your Graduate’s Special Day!
    Beef patties, hot dogs, potato salad made using mayonnaise, chip dips made with sour cream - or burgers made with ground turkey, brisket, grilled fajitas, mini-club sandwiches, salsa or guacamole and tostada chips, fruit salads and vegetable dippers? The healthier food is just as tasty.
  • Summer Vegetable Guide: How to Select, Store, Cut and Cook Eggplant
    In the summer around July, eggplant is in season and plentiful. Find out how it can help you fight cancer and look younger. Also, learn what to do with it when you get it home so it tastes great and doesn't spoil before you can use it.
  • Tips for Creating a Healthier Stir-Fried Meal
    Healthy stir-fry meals get even healthier with these easy tips on how to cook and serve vegetable and meat stir-fries. With just a few simple changes, your meal can be more nutritious and better for you and your family.
  • Tips for Cooking Pork
    There are some diet plans which never include pork. There are also many people who shy away from pork. Yet, for many, it is a very popular meat. Is pork nutritious or harmful? Can we enjoy pork and get the best nutrition from it? This article explores some nutritional ideas for preparing pork.
  • How to Prepare Healthy Vegetables
    Everyone who wants to eat healthy needs to eat vegetables, but sometimes the methods used to prepare vegetables contain more fat than is desirable. Here's how to make healthy vegetables soups and salads without using a lot of fat.
  • Tasty Ideas to Cook Brussels Sprouts
    Love them or hate them, the key to enjoying them is definitely knowing how to cook Brussels sprouts properly. Their natural taste doesn't appeal to everybody, but in knowing how to cook them, and the different ways of serving them, you may even win over the most adamant sprouts hater.
  • High Calcium Foods For Stronger Bones
    Increasing your intake of high calcium foods is a great way to lower your risk of osteoporosis. Learn some great recipes with this article.
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