Healthy Cooking Tips

So you’ve been buying more fruits and vegetables, reading food labels and doing all those things that are supposed to make you a healtheir eater. But how do you continue your healthy habits into the kitchen? Find a wide array of healthy cooking tips and techniques that will ensure you get the optimum nutrients out of your food. You’ll find ideas for new cooking methods to try like grilling or steaming, or healthy swaps like using apple sauce in place of oil when baking. This is just the start of the many new cooking and baking ideas to explore.

What Are Some Healthy Graduation Party Food Ideas?

Beef patties, hot dogs, potato salad made using mayonnaise, chip dips made with sour cream – or burgers made with ground turkey, brisket, grilled fajitas, mini-club sandwiches, salsa or guacamole and tostada chips, fruit salads and vegetable dippers? The healthier food is just as tasty.

Simple & Healthy Stir-Fry Meals

Healthy stir-fry meals get even healthier with these easy tips on how to cook and serve vegetable and meat stir-fries. With just a few simple changes, your meal can be more nutritious and better for you and your family.

Healthy Macaroni and Cheese

Healthy macaroni and cheese seems like an oxymoron, but a few small substitutions can turn this diet-killing dish into something lighter and healthier. Read on for the details on making over this classic dish.

Heart Healthy Dessert Recipes

Following a healthy diet doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pass on all of those delicious baked goods! Read on for tips to cut back on calories, fat and cholesterol to make more heart healthy dessert recipes!

Learn How to Roast Chestnuts

Learn how to roast chestnuts over an open fire and in other ways, too. Chestnuts make a flavorful and fun addition to many recipes and can be eaten alone, as well. Find out more in this overview.

Learn How to Cook Bok Choy

Learning how to cook bok choy can add flavor and nutrition to many eating plans. This member of the cabbage family can be used in more than Chinese food recipes. Bok choy can also be cooked in a number of ways or eaten raw. Learn more about this versatile food in this overview.

How To Cook Brussels Sprouts Properly

Love them or hate them, the key to enjoying them is definitely knowing how to cook Brussels sprouts properly. Their natural taste doesn’t appeal to everybody, but in knowing how to cook them, and the different ways of serving them, you may even win over the most adamant sprouts hater.

The Best Make-Ahead Foods to Freeze

Before your schedule gets too hectic, learn the best make-ahead foods to freeze to cut down the craziness at mealtime. Cook when you have the time, pop it in the freezer and you will always have a meal ready for your family at a moment’s notice.

How to Cook Kale

Eat kale? Are you kidding? Yes, even though kale is amazingly good for you, many people pass it up either because they’re not familiar with it, or they’ve had a past bad experience with it. But if you know how to cook kale, you can open up a world of new, healthy recipes.

How To Cook A Ham

Learning how to cook a ham is fairly simple once you understand the basic techniques. This pork product comes in many different varieties, each with its own cooking method, but all with the same delicious result.

How To Prepare Fresh Shrimp: Cooking Tips & Ideas

Shrimp is a seagoing crustacean with a firm texture and smooth flavor. Since much of the country’s shrimp supply comes from warm waters, it is available year round. Learn how to prepare fresh shrimp, often called the poor man’s lobster, to put a smile on your guests’ faces at your next dinner party.

Healthy Sukkot Meals

The Jewish holiday of Sukkot is filled with joy, fun and food. After all, it is the celebration of the harvest. Eating healthy Sukkot meals while still enjoying the holiday can sometimes be a challenge, but it no longer needs to be.