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Articles in this topic describe how specific software programs and mobile apps have changed health care for the better. These programs allow patients to access their own health information, while they allow doctors, nurses, technicians and other health professionals to share, organize and classify data for better patient care.

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  • Best Android Medical Applications
    Are you looking for the best medical apps for your Android phone? If so, then check out these excellent applications that puts medical information at your fingertips. Everything, from medical abstracts to medications and key info, can be availed with the help of these apps.
  • Get Healthy with Nutrition Software Programs
    Are you looking for a software program to help you with nutrition? If so, here you will learn about the top 10 nutrition software programs.
  • Top Medical Software and Applications for Palm PDA
    There are numerous programs available for the medical professional that can be used on the Palm personal digital assistant to improve the medical professional's tasks. When looking for free medical software for the Palm PDA consider these free applications below.
  • Best iPad Apps for Medical Professionals
    There are many useful iPad apps vying for your attention. This article provides a list of the top 5 iPad apps for medical professionals. These apps are an absolute must-have for doctors and nurses.
  • Ideal Life Suite of Products Makes Remote Health Management Easy
    Ideal Life makes remote health management easier with the Ideal Life Pod and a suite of products that help patients effortlessly communicate with their health care providers. Learn more about the Ideal Life Pod and related products to see if they’re right for your family.
  • A Guide to Dakim Brain Fitness Computerized Cognitive Training
    For those trying to prevent or slow the progression of cognitive decline, Dakim Brain Fitness offers brain exercises specifically for those over 60. Find out how the program works and determine if it can help you or a loved one.
  • An Overview of Surgery Information Systems
    Surgery information systems are an ideal way to organize the patient records within a surgery department. The benefits of using these type of systems are noted below.
  • Using the HealthMap Disease Monitoring Technology
    HealthMap is a useful disease monitoring tool. Learn more about this new surveillance system that tracks disease outbreaks across the globe.
  • Increasing Patient Safety and Satisfaction with Computer Technology
    Increasing patient friendly health care technology is an efficient solution to health care problems faced today. Learn more about information technology and how effective it can be.
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