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Best Medical Software for Smartphones

By now, we are well aware of how a smartphone can be used to make the everyday task of a professional much easier. Whether it is iPhone, Android or Blackberry, there are a variety of smartphone medical software programs that can improve the efficiency of someone working in the medical industry. Some popular medical software and apps are discussed below:

First Consult for iPhone

First Consult is a great app on the iPhone. It is also available for use on the iPad or iPod Touch. If you are a busy medical professional who would like to improve the efficiency of the clinical diagnosis process, First Consult is the smartphone medical software to install.

The purpose behind First Consult is to help provide support to medical professionals who need to diagnose conditions on a regular basis. It provides answers to the most routine questions on medical conditions that a medical professional seeks. It is a handy tool to providing the best level of care in a busy health care setting.

It features the ability to provide the medical professional to answers about symptoms and signs, diagnosis and treatment. Another advantage is that it will also provide information on complications. Therefore the answers to the questions received are relevant and up to date. The publisher does offer a free trial of First Consult.

Epocrates for Android

Another great program to use is Epocrates Essentials for Android. It is available on the Android platform. It has numerous features for medical professionals. Epocrates will provide a physician or nurse with valuable information on medication used in common conditions. It has a database of over 3,000 drugs, of which generic and over-the-counter medication is also discussed. Even herbal medicine is discussed.

Other than a drug database, Epocrates Essentials will also help the medical professional with diagnosis and treatment. It has an extensive list of over hundreds of diseases with images to accompany the condition.

The information that is contained in Epocrates Essentials also includes diagnostic laboratory tests with results. The application also lists tips on how to interpret the laboratory results. A one-year or two-year license can be purchased for Epocrates Essentials.

OnTimeRx for BlackBerry

Get OnTimeRx for BlackBerry. Now in app form, the smartphone medical software was originally conceived and developed by a pharmacist. The app will send out a reminder when a medication dose is required. This app was originally created for the general public but has valuable information such as adverse conditions, drug interactions and medication side effects.

Another handy feature of OnTimeRx is the ability to verify if the medication was taken. This part of the software has been organized in an easy-to-read page. A public health nurse or family physician can use this information to confirm if a patient has regularly taken his medication or when a change in medication is needed. Therefore, the drug information can be quickly accessed when a prescription needs to be written.


First Consult for iPhone

Epocrates Essentials for Android

OnTimeRx for BlackBerry