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How Do Remote Control Medical Devices Work?

With the increase in the amount of technology we now have, it is possible to improve the way patients are treated in healthcare facilities. Remote control medical devices use the most recent advancements in information technology to monitor, diagnose and treat patients.

There are a few devices and applications available that make it easier for a medical professional to receive information about a person and monitor their current health, as in the case of heart patients. The patient to be treated can be at home or even in another city while still receiving treatment.

Examples of some remote control medical devices include electronic pill dispensers, devices to control pain medication, and hand-held ultrasound monitors.

What Are Remote Control Devices Used For?

There are many uses for a remote control medical devices. The main use for all of these devices is to monitor and program them at one location while they perform a function at another location. This they are referred to as “remote control.” Usually the main system is located at a hospital or medical center and it will transmit information to a smaller device that is with the patient. In this way, the patient does not have to continually be in the hospital or visit the hospital for treatment that can occur at home.

For example, there are remote control devices used in the treatment of neurological conditions. They can help regulate brain activity of patients who experience Parkinson’s or epilepsy.

Pacemakers are another example of a medical device that can be monitored or controlled remotely. They are implanted into the patient’s heart to monitor and correct its electrical activity. The person can be kept alive longer because of this.

One of the latest technology on the market that makes use of the latest Apple iPhone 4. It has numerous software available for download. As a result of the phone’s popularity developers have created applications or apps for use in the medical industry.

A very good app created by the company InViVoLink LLC can integrate services between various service providers. The Remote Control app created for the iPhone helps medical professionals schedule, monitor and improve eye implant surgery. It is mainly to be used by medical sales reps.

The best features about this application is that it can be used to contact and schedule patients that need to have an eye implant placed in. The app takes care of the paperwork that will normally be completed by the medical rep to deliver the device needed for the surgery. More than anything it is used for the reps to see the surgical cases and the inventory list that is available. From here, it is just a matter of reviewing the medical inventory list and checking that everything is in place for when the surgeon completes the procedure. Therefore, with this app the health professional can view vital information while away from the hospital.

The Remote Control app is also available for other cell phone platforms such as Blackberry or Android.


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