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Ideal Life Pod

The Ideal Life Pod acts as a wireless gateway, making it possible for users to manage their health and communicate critical information to health care providers. The Pod is a disc-like device that plugs into a regular telephone jack. Because the Ideal Life Pod is only 7 inches round, it takes up very little space and is easy to fit out of sight under a couch or behind a piece of furniture.

Ideal Life Gluco-Manager

The Gluco-Manager offered by Ideal Life gives diabetics a convenient and revolutionary way to store their blood glucose readings and send them to physicians and other members of the health care team. There is no need for users to manually enter their glucose readings or use a computer to send out the results. The Gluco-Manager works with the Ideal Life Pod to capture, store and send the data. Diabetics who want to use remote health management to stay on top of the disease can use a regular phone, Internet or cell phone to transmit the results.

Ideal Life BP-Manager

The Ideal Life BP-Manager is much more than a traditional blood pressure cuff. The device measures heart rate and upper arm blood pressure, stores the information and then automatically sends the data to the patient’s health care provider. Sending these readings to a physician allows the health care team to identify trends and monitor the effectiveness of a hypertension treatment plan. If readings remain high, the physician can make dosage adjustments or suggest a different medication. This allows for better blood pressure control.

Ideal Life Body-Manager

The Ideal Life Body-Manager has several practical uses. Patients struggling with obesity often lack the motivation or ability to visit a doctor or weight loss center for weigh-ins. The Body-Manager allows someone trying to lose weight to capture, store and transmit the information to a dietitian, physician or other health care provider. This system also helps those with congestive heart failure keep track of their fluctuating weights. The Body-Manager weighs each patient and helps care providers determine if patients have gained weight due to salt and water retention related to their congestive heart failure. Regular weight measurement guides physicians in making medication changes and dosage adjustments, which could prevent medical emergencies in congestive heart failure patients. The Body-Manager also allows for two-way communication between users and their health care team members. Care providers can even send nutritional tips or motivational messages to those trying to lose weight. This makes it possible to achieve weight loss goals in the privacy and comfort of the user’s own home.

Ideal Life SpO2 Manager

The Ideal Life SpO2 Manager makes it easy for users to measure their heart rates and oxygen saturation levels. Because the device is so small and compact, users can easily capture data while traveling. After capturing and storing the data, the device automatically communicates the information to a personal computer without cables or wires.


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Scott Flack, IDEAL LIFE Director of Operations & Marketing