Weight Watcher’s Food Plans: Flex Plan or Core Plan to Lose Weight

Flex Plan

The Flex Plan is based on a point system. All foods have point values depending upon the calories, fat, and fiber in the food. For example, a whole wheat English muffin is 2 points, but a tossed salad with no dressing is 0 points. Each individual has a targeted amount of points depending upon weight, height, and gender. Other factors may be considered such as health issues and age. These points can be used on a variety of foods. There is also a weekly allowance for special occasions such as dining out.

The plan encourages the consumption of whole grain, low fat proteins, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Once you learn the point value of foods, you learn what foods are better for you. Low point foods are more satisfying because they don’t have empty calories. You learn to spend your points wisely, and therefore, you make healthier food choices.

Core Plan

With the Core Plan, you do not count points. You eat as much as you need to feel full and satisfied. The food choices are based on energy density food. These are foods that are fewer in calories per ounce, but they are foods that will keep you satisfied longer. Examples of foods are brown rice, lean meats, vegetables, and fruits.

The plan has a weekly allowance like the Flex Plan. This can be used each day or saved for one night out. The weekly allowances are treats that will actually help keep you on track by satisfying those urges.

The Whole Picture

You are not required to eat specific foods. There are plenty of foods to choose from that are nutritious and satisfying. Weight Watcher’s also offers guides on how to eat out without wrecking your diet, recipes for variety, and how to cook for the family. You learn to read labels and make better food choices.

One reason Weight Watcher’s is so successful is that it guides you, informs you, encourages you, and motivates you. The weekly meetings are an important part of Weight Watcher’s success.

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If you have struggled trying to lose weight on your own, Weight Watcher’s may be the program for you. Because Weight Watchers believes in a holistic approach to weight loss, it has had tremendous success helping people lose and keep off weight.
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