Atkins Diet - The Pre-Maintenance Phase: Explaining the Atkins Carbohydrate Equilibrium (ACE) and Slowly Re-introducing Carbs

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Objectives of the Pre-Maintenance Phase

The Atkins diet consists of the Induction phase, the Ongoing Weight Loss phase, the Pre-Maintenance and Maintenance phase. The dieter has to go through them to attain their goal weight. Each stage has goals that a dieter has to achieve. Figuring out the quantity of carbohydrates they can take without gaining weight is one of these goals. This quantity of carbohydrates is called the Atkins Carbohydrate Equilibrium abbreviated as ACE.

Another pre-maintenance phase objective is to lose weight slowly until the dieter reaches their desired weight. Losing weight is one thing and maintaining the desired weight is another completely different thing. The pre-maintenance phase of this low carb diet will also require the dieter to maintain weight using the approach of the Atkins diet. This means that the dieter is not required to shed all their weight at once. Instead, the process should be gradual. This approach should last between two and three months depending on the individual dieter. This should cover the first three phases of the diet.

Adding Carbohydrates

In the pre-maintenance phase of the low carb diet, dieters usually add carbohydrates into their diets according to the carbohydrate ladder they were introduced to in the ongoing weight loss phase. They are normally required to add ten grams of carbohydrates per day. The dieters are also allowed to add twenty to thirty grams two or three times a week. Some examples of carbs they can add are brown rice and sweet potatoes, beer and white wine. Dieters who experience problems with adding carbohydrates without halting their weight loss program might have low metabolism and should increase their exercise regimen. This will help increase their metabolism level.

Pre-Maintenance Phase Menu

Since the pre-maintenance phase of the Atkins diet is meant to train dieters on how to live a life with low carb intake, dieters should only eat specified foods. The menu should ideally include things such as plain oatmeal and legumes. The dieter should also include carrots, yams, acorn squash, peas, beets and parsnips in their meals. Fruits such as mangos, watermelons, grapes, cherries and peaches should also be featured in their diets.

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