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Atkins Diet - The Importance of Fiber and Water During Atkins

written by: Summer Banks • edited by: Rhonda Callow • updated: 2/27/2009

The Atkins Diet is working for you and you see the scaling numbers falling. The only problem you are having is one you do not want to talk about. Constipation is common while on Atkins and it can be prevented.

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    Importance of Fiber During Atkins

    Fiber is very important when a dieter takes on any low carb diet. A dieter should always eat the correct amount of vegetables as they contain fiber that can be helpful in preventing constipation. The dieter should always choose vegetables with darker leaves such as spinach, cabbage and dark lettuce. Other sources of fiber are fiber supplements, avocado especially when mixed with spices and mayonnaise among others. One thing the dieter should remember is that taking in too much fiber and very little water while on the low carb diet will not help them in their quest to do way with constipation, in fact, it will worsen the situation.

    Another importance of fiber in the Atkins diet is bringing down the impact starches and sugars have on the dieter’s blood glucose. Fiber also works with water in the body to reduce the risk of colon cancer as it usually moves food through the intestine more quickly. This reduces the chance of cancer-forming compounds getting into contact with cells in the colon.

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    Importance of Water During Atkins

    Constipation is something that many dieters have to deal with constantly. Drinking water is important for any dieter undertaking a low carb diet. This is because most diets low in carbohydrate have much less fiber, which is an important remedy for constipation. A minimum of eight glasses of water in a day will go a long way in ensuring that the fiber in meals works effectively. This will consequently enable the dieter to avoid constipation. The dieter may also experience dehydration; water can help them counter this problem.

    Another important role of water while on Atkins is the role water plays with fiber. Fiber is a bulk-forming laxative. When the Atkins dieter choose to increase the amount of fiber in the diet in hopes of relieving constipation, the fiber needs water to move the waste through the intestine. Without water, increasing fiber can actually make the user more constipated.

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