Atkins Diet – Keeping It Off in Maintenance: Third Phase
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Atkins Diet – Keeping it off in Maintenance

written by: Summer Banks • edited by: Rhonda Callow • updated: 2/27/2009

You've done it! After struggling through the previous phases of Atkins you have finally reached the Lifetime Maintenance phase. Pat yourself on the back and keep eating low carb!

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    What to Do In the Maintenance Phase

    This low carb diet consists of four phases namely induction, ongoing weight loss, pre maintenance and maintenance stages. After successfully going through the first three stages, the dieter goes through the maintenance stage, which means they make a commitment to keep maintain their desired weight. In order for the dieter to keep the shed weight off in the maintenance phase of the Atkins diet, they should keep eating healthy food and take part in the activities they took part in during the diet. During phase three, dieters normally understand their Atkins Carbohydrate Equilibrium (ACE). They should keep this number during the maintenance stage. This will help them stay within five pounds of their goal weight.

    Only healthy carbohydrates should be eaten in this phase. Healthy carbohydrates include fruits, whole grains and vegetables. The dieter should avoid refined carbohydrates such as sugar and white flour for the duration of this stage in order to keep their goal weight. Hydrogenated oils and fats should not feature in their diet either. The Atkins dieter should learn to avoid stress as it may cause them to reach for starchy or sugary foods that may cause them to break the maintenance phase regimen.

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    Duration of the Maintenance Stage

    Compared to the other phases, the maintenance phase of the low carb diet takes the longest duration. The dieter will be in this stage for the rest of their lives. They should maintain healthy eating or any other healthy habits acquired during the first three phases of the diet at all times.

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    In Case of a Relapse

    The dieter may break the regime of their maintenance phase of this low carb diet at some point. In case such a situation comes up, they should simply return to the diet they had at the induction phase for a number of days to begin the ketosis once more.

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