Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Traditional Oriental Medicine has been used for over five thousand years for preventative health and to treat specific conditions and disorders. Today, millions use these simple techniques all over the world with great success. So much so that some medical schools are even coming around and recognizing the amazing benefits they offer without drugs or side effects and are offering courses in acupuncture and other forms of traditional Oriental medicine. Many physicians all over the world, including America, are incorporating more and more of these techniques into their practices to give their patients more choices in their health care. Oriental medicine centers around the belief that the life and activity of individual human beings have a direct connection to the environment and the Universe and that the body is made up of a complicated set of systems that all work in balance with each other to maintain a strong, healthy body. Oriental medicine uses herbs, pressure points and other techniques to ensure that the individual body systems are in balance with each other and functioning in the proper manner. Learn more about being the healthiest you can be in your mind, body and spirit with these expert articles, tips and reviews.

Treat Hay Fever Symptoms with Acupressure

You cannot cure allergies like hay fever with acupressure because the underlying cause, an allergen, will always exist. However, you can treat hay fever symptoms with acupressure to relieve the worst problems. The pressure points identified in this article are most likely to bring quick improvement.
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