Acupressure Cures for Hiccups May Work When Other Cures Fail

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The benefits of Acupuncture to treat many conditions have been well documented in the Western world. Acupressure, which uses the fingertips to exert gentle pressure on key body points, is actually an older tradition than acupuncture. Acupressure fell somewhat into neglect when the Chinese developed more sophisticated methods using needles and later electricity. However, acupuncture requires a trained professional to administer treatments. On the other hand, acupressure is simple to learn and can be used at home by an individual. It can help with many health problems, even annoyances like hiccups.

Key Acupressure Points

To use acupressure, apply steady and increasing pressure just short of painful with the middle or forefinger to the identified key point, in most cases holding it for three minutes. Here are some acupressure cures for hiccups, listed by their acupressure point name.

  • Wind Screen. This point is located in the indentation behind the ear lobe. Hold the pressure while you take deep and slow breaths.
  • Abdominal Sorrow. Find this point at the bottom of the rib cage, vertically below the nipple and a half-inch inset towards the center of the body.
  • Heaven Rushing Out. This point is between the collarbones at the base of the throat.
  • Sea of Tranquility. Locate the center point on the breastbone, which is about three thumb widths higher than the base of the bone. Apply the same kind of acupressure cure for hiccups here.
  • Letting Go. Find the point on the side of the chest that is two inches above the armpit crease and one inch in. You should feel a muscle at the correct area.

Acupressure Exercises

If you are prone to frequent bouts of hiccups, several regular exercises using acupressure cures for hiccups may prevent them.

  • Use the Wind Screen points described above but use the middle and index fingers of each hand. These are sensitive areas, so just press lightly on both sides of the head for one minute. Repeat the exercise daily.
  • For this exercise, use the Heaven Rushing Out and Sea of Tranquility points. Place your right middle finger at the Heaven Rushing Out point and all the fingers of the left hand on the Sea of Tranquility point. Press gently at both places. With your eyes closed, breathe deeply in and out for one full minute. Repeat daily.
  • Press the fingertips of both hands on the spot just below the collarbones where there is a recessed area. Take one long and deep breath while pressing here for 30 seconds. Repeat daily.


Do not use acupressure if pregnant, if you have a heart condition, shortly before or after a meal or exercise, or over any sort of sore. If hiccups are intractable, see a doctor.


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