Chinese Medicine for Kidney Stones: Natural Home Remedies

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What Are Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones are formed by oxalic acid combined with excess calcium. The stones can range in size from very tiny (in which case they can come out in urine without causing serious damage) to quite large. The larger kidney stones tear the tissues of the kidneys, bladder and urethra as they attempt to travel through the system. Fever, vomiting and chills can accompany an attack. Surgery is often required to remove larger stones, while herbal remedies and pharmaceuticals can break them up and allow them to pass through the body with minimal intrusion or damage. Herbal remedies, such as Chinese medicine for kidney stones are good because they don’t have the same side effects as pharmaceutical remedies which can cause more problems than they solve.

The main cause of kidney stones is a diet containing a great deal of animal proteins and the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Although both men and women (usually over 30 years of age) are susceptible to kidney stones, men are affected almost twice as often as women.

A List of Chinese Medicine for Kidney Stones:

Among the herbs that can reduce the discomfort of kidney stones are cramp bark, goldenrod and joe-pye. Lemon juice, agrimony, horsetail, yarrow, shepherd’s purse, Saint John’s wort, rosemary, nettles and cranberries are helpful in reducing pain, cramping and bleeding.

To prevent getting kidney stones to begin with, there are some foods that reduce the excess uric acid and calcium that causes the kidney stones to form. Among these foods are rhubarb, sorrel, beet greens, spinach, green tea, chocolate, cherries, asparagus, apple juice, and strawberries. Meadowsweet, sarsaparilla and plantains are helpful for getting rid of uric acid, as well.

There are other foods that should be limited or avoided to prevent kidney stones. Mostly dairy products are best to avoid due to the fact that they contain lots of calcium.

Hydrangea, cramp bark and wild yams make a good tea for those already suffering from kidney stones.

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