Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment for Canker Sores: Herbs that Heal

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What are Canker Sores?

Aphthous ulcers, also known as canker sores, are small erosions that occur in the mouth. They are more common among some people than in others. The sores develop for assorted reasons such as: heredity, cleanliness, diet, injuries and stress.

Heredity. If your parents or siblings suffer from canker sores, it’s very likely that you will, as well. It is a systemic weakness that allows the ulcers to appear.

Diet. Some foods, especially those containing acidity can cause abrasions in the mouth mucosa, resulting in canker sores.

Stress. When a body is under stress, the immune system can be weakened, allowing canker sores to appear.

The best way to determine which of these causes is most likely, is to find out if any of your family members get them often. If they don’t, diet comes next. Eliminating foods high in spices and acidity. If the sores disappear and don’t return immediately, adding the foods one at a time can answer your question. To find out if stress is the cause of canker sores, a diary can be handy. Keeping track of stress levels in relation to canker sores will tell the tale.

Whatever the cause, the sores tend to last for several days (up to two weeks in some people!). They cause discomfort and can affect both the appetite and the ability to eat. The ulcers can appear anywhere on the inside of the mouth, or more than one place. Thankfully there are remedies such as traditional Chinese medicine treatments for canker sores.

Traditional Chinese Medicine: Treatment for Canker Sores

Traditional Chinese medicine incorporates nutrition with the use of herbs to not only treat canker sores but also to promote rapid healing and optimal health.

The following are the most common traditional Chinese medicine treatments for canker sores: Astra isatis (isatis and astragalus herbs) and power mushrooms (ganoderma, tremella, poria, and polyporus) are the quickest acting remedies. They can eliminate the canker sores in a day, or even less. Lysine and licorice are very good for killing the canker sore virus and keeping it from returning. Vitamin B, vitamin C, folic acid, iron and zinc are also very good in the war against canker sores

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