Chinese Medicine for Hormonal Acne

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Types of Acne

There are many types of acne. Acne can occur due to oily skin, pollutants, improper cleansing, allergies to certain products or hormonal imbalance. Acne due to hormone variations is the most common problem. It does not only affect teens, it can affect adults as well. The good news is that there is an affordable way to handle these outbreaks using Chinese medicine for hormonal acne.

Why Cleaning Treatments May not Help

Some people get so frustrated when they have spent a large sum of money on certain treatments only to have no positive results. Why does this happen? It is because the solutions that are sold are for a specific kind of acne which can either be the oily skin or the need to clean the skin more often. These solutions do not address the likely problem which is hormonal imbalance.

For this common acne issue cleaning products or medications aren’t really going to help a whole lot and are going to cost a bit of money to continue the regiments. What needs to be done in order to start seeing results is to address the hormonal problem. How can this be done? Well, there have been hormone issues throughout history and there have been natural remedies that have worked safely and effectively for thousands of years. Today we’ll focus on Chinese medicine for hormonal acne.

Chinese Medicine for Hormonal Acne

The trick is to find the right Chinese medicine for hormonal acne depending on gender. Topical herbs and essential oils can be used for both genders in order to clean the face using antibacterial elements such as lavender, calendula and senna leaves.

• Male hormones can be balanced using: tribulus, milk thistle and saw palmetto.

• Female hormones are regulated by: vitex, red clover, raspberry leaf and stinging nettle.

These Chinese medicines for hormonal acne are fairly inexpensive and can be bought at nutrition centers or online. They are widely used with excellent results and acne seems to disappear once the hormones are balanced. This can be a matter of days for most people.

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