The Benefits of Using Chinese Herbs for Cataracts

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What is Cataracts?

Cataracts are an eye condition that is characterized by the cloudiness on the lens of the eye. This murky white patch that develops can often be gradual and is generally without pain. The condition starts as a small patch and then covers the lens. Because it is a slow process a person can be virtually unaware of the vision loss or distortion as their body adapts to the problem. But eventually, the problem becomes severe and visual distortions and blindness is experienced.

The symptoms of cataracts include blurred or dimmed vision, night blindness, sensitivity to light, halos appearing on lights, color fading and double vision.

There is a more severe type of cataracts called a “hypermature cataract”. This type is painful and can cause inflammation or serious headaches. This is a condition that requires prompt removal. The good news is that not all cases get this far. In fact there are some Chinese herbs for cataracts that can be taken to relive the symptoms and help reduce or eliminate the cataract condition. These Chinese herbs for cataracts should be taken at the first sign of this problem for best results.

Chinese Herbs for Cataracts

Chinese herbs are commonly used in combination with each other. They are rarely used in a single capacity. The potent herbs when used in combination increase the effectiveness and overall results.

• Yi qi cong ming tang combines ginseng, pueraria and astragalus. These Chinese herbs for cataracts improve and enhance vision. They work together to remove visual disorders.

• Ci zhu wan focuses more on the mind and vision aspects. It is a sedative as well being an herbal medicine that corrects visual issues.

• Ming mu di huang wan is a medicine that combines rehmannia and bright eyes together in a blend of Chinese herbs to help improve vision disorders by enhancing kidney and liver function and nourishing the blood.

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