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This is your one-stop resource for all things yoga and pilates. Our veteran yoga/pilates instructors and studio owners have compiled an information depot here for both novice yoga/pilates students and experienced enthusiasts. Learn how to take advantage of yoga's vast mental and physical health benefits to get your mind and body in top shape. Get the scoop on the latest trends in yoga/pilates gear, products, and practices.

If you want all the benefits of yoga without the hefty price tag that class fees and travel can bring, we've got everything you need. Let us walk you step by step through your introduction to yoga/pilates all the way to growing into an advanced practitioner. Our reviews on home-based yoga/pilates products will let you try before you buy through reading the honest experiences of others. The latest and greatest of everything you want to know about home-based fitness through yoga/pilates is waiting here for you.

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  • Avoiding Common Yoga Mistakes
    If you're just beginning a yoga practice, learning how to avoid common mistakes will make your workout much more enjoyable. This article provides some helpful yoga tips for beginners.
  • Pranayama for Relaxation: A Simple Method to Fight Stress on a Daily Basis
    This article is intended as an introduction to breathing techniques, specifically pranayama.
  • Experiencing Kripalu Yoga and Meditation in Massachusetts
    Kripalu yoga and meditation are some of the strongest features of the famed retreat center near Lenox, Massachusetts. Learn more about these basic building blocks by reading this article.
  • Malibu Pilates Chair Review
    Give this sculpting chair a try and you'll see great results in muscle tone and core strength. This chair offers versatile workout exercises so you don't get bored. The Malibu Pilates Chair also offers different levels of resistance which always allows room for higher levels of fitness goals.
  • Pilates Abs Moves That Guys Can Feel Comfortable Doing
    Looking for Pilates for guys’ abs that don’t look all girlie? Nobody blames you for not wanting to do Pilates when most of the moves look like they’re designed for women. But there are several abs positions that appear more masculine that you can do instead.
  • Burning Calories With Bikram Yoga
    Bikram Yoga is a specific sequence of 26 yoga postures performed in a heated room. This allows muscles to warm up quickly, enabling deeper stretching and reducing the risk of injury. How many calories does Bikram yoga burn? The answer depends on several factors.
  • Yoga For the Not-So Spiritually Minded
    No one can argue that the physical benefits of yoga are amazing. Still, some people would rather participate in yoga without focusing on the spiritual aspects. Spiritual yoga is not for everyone. Christian yoga classes and teachers who omit the eastern religious influence can be found.
  • The Benefits of Bikram Yoga
    Bikram Yoga is a highly debated but popular form of yoga that is intentionally practiced in temperatures of up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Find out how practicing Bikram Yoga can benefit your body, mind and spirit.
  • Yoga for Kids: Three Beginner Yoga Poses for Your Child
    Kids today are more stressed out than kids of previous generations. They’re over-scheduled and over-connected. Yoga can be an effective and healthy way for kids to relax. It’s also a positive physical activity that kids and parents can do together.
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