Yoga and Pilates Articles

This is your one-stop resource for all things yoga and pilates. Our veteran yoga/pilates instructors and studio owners have compiled an information depot here for both novice yoga/pilates students and experienced enthusiasts. Learn how to take advantage of yoga’s vast mental and physical health benefits to get your mind and body in top shape. Get the scoop on the latest trends in yoga/pilates gear, products, and practices.
If you want all the benefits of yoga without the hefty price tag that class fees and travel can bring, we’ve got everything you need. Let us walk you step by step through your introduction to yoga/pilates all the way to growing into an advanced practitioner. Our reviews on home-based yoga/pilates products will let you try before you buy through reading the honest experiences of others. The latest and greatest of everything you want to know about home-based fitness through yoga/pilates is waiting here for you.

Best Yoga Exercises for Abs

Apart from simply calming and soothing your mental state, the discipline of yoga also offers a variety of fitness-related benefits. Engage in specific yoga poses (which are also commonly known as “asanas”) in order to increase the strength of your abdominal area.

Free Pilates Exercise Programs For the Home

Discover a free Pilates exercise program for the home, the office or hotel stays while traveling. Relieve stress and avoid injuries by staying fit and flexible with pilates routines. Explore numerous free pilates routines for beginner, as well as intermediate and advanced participants.

Pilates Mat Class Calories Burned

Although a pilates mat class primarily involves stretching and strengthening exercises, it can also help you increase endurance. Higher intensity pilates workouts can burn the same amount of calories as fit-walking or aerobics. Discover pilates mat class calories burned at any fitness level.

Belly Exercises That Involve Yoga

Belly exercises that involve yoga work can build and stabilize your core. Most abdominal exercises only work certain muscles in the belly, but yoga practice continuously engages and works all of the stomach muscles. Learn about the many yoga postures and stances that work core muscles.

Choosing the Best Yoga Mats

Yoga is a wonderful exercise that requires very little equipment. However, the one thing you will need is a good yoga mat. When you use a mat, you’ll have a soft cushioned surface on which you can practice your yoga poses.

5 Benefits of Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga is a highly debated but popular form of yoga that is intentionally practiced in temperatures of up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Find out how practicing Bikram Yoga can benefit your body, mind and spirit.