Total Home Gym vs. Power Pilates Gym: Compare features, capabilities and cost to find the right home gym for you.

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How They Work

Both the Total Home Gym and the Power Pilates Gym are non-weight plate systems. They work similarly in that they both have an inclining glideboard, which allows the body to act as the weight. The Total Home Gym uses body weight as the resistance against gravity’s pull when the glideboard is raised up and down. Depending on the model, there are different levels of calibrated resistance, which represents a percentage of body weight. This percentage represents pounds of resistance. The Total Home Gym also allows for free range of motion by not locking the body into any one position.

The Power Pilates Gym incorporates resistance with long, natural movements to strengthen and tone the arms, shoulders, back, abs, hips, thighs and calves. It has adjustable resistance cords so you can adjust the machine to your fitness level. By adjusting the incline of the glideboard, the difficulty factor escalates.


Each machine spares its recipient the headache of assembly because each machine comes ready-to-use. Each also touts being compact enough to store away when not in-use.

The Total Home Gym can be folded for more convenient storage, measuring 19 inches wide, 51 inches long and 9 inches high when folded and 90 inches wide, 90 inches long, and 43 inches high.

The Power Pilates Gym measures 13 inches wide, 56 inches long, and 17.75 inches tall and weighs 61 pounds.

The Total Home Gym has a greater weight limit at 400 pounds while the Pilates Power Gym can accommodate up to 300 pounds.


Extra bonus items come with each gym, however the Total Home Gym offers more. Each Power Pilates Gym comes with a DVD featuring a beginner and advanced workout by Marlo Fiskin, a pull-up bar, and a 9-week healthy eating plan.

The Total Home Gym comes with a wall chart containing 35 exercises, a Total Gym Training Deck, which is a deck of cards, each with a different exercise, a meal and nutrition plan, and 5 different workouts. Included in the workout DVDs is Pilates for Total Gym, which introduces you to a mat Pilates workout as well as a reformer Pilates workout that utilizes the Total Home Gym.

Cost and Warranty

There are many similarities when comparing the Total Home Gym vs. the Power Pilates Gym so the possible decision clinchers may be found in the cost and warranties of each gym.

The Total Home Gym costs $974 with shipping. It guarantees a lifetime warranty on the frame of the machine and 6 months on all parts. A 30-day risk-free trial is also available to test out the machine before purchasing.

The Pilates Power Gym costs $349.65 and includes free shipping. Its warranty guarantees the parts and workmanship for 1 year.