Free Pilates Exercise Programs For the Home

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Regular Pilates exercise is not only a great way to stay flexible but also a low-impact way to get a gentle but efficient workout. Pilates can help build strength as well as agility, and is often referred to as the ultimate form of calisthenics, according to the Mayo Clinic1. Practicing Pilates exercises can help you prevent injures, and it’s also used to rehabilitate those recovering from injuries. For these reasons and more, people have gravitated toward pilates exercise routines, especially those who prefer low-impact workouts. You can begin a pilates program at any fitness level, and if you’re an athlete, practicing pilates exercises will only enhance your sport performance. Although many gyms and other recreational facilities offer Pilates classes, you don’t need a fitness membership to perform regular pilates workouts. With the growing popularity of Pilates, you can even workout with a free Pilates exercise program at home, at the office or while travelling.


FitClick2 is an online fitness program that allows you to track your workouts, diet and weight management goals. The membership is free and once you join, FitClick provides exercise routine options and professional instruction, as well as a weekly schedule and tracking chart. You can select a long-term fitness program centered on pilates exercise alone or incorporate Pilates workouts into a whole fitness program especially designed for your personal needs.

FitClick schedules your daily workouts and keeps you on track with them. Once you log completion of your daily routine, the online program calculates and records calories burned and minutes of exercise performed. You can also adjust your exercise days or postpone a day’s workout. Watch and follow Pilates videos attached to your personalized workout schedule or choose another source to follow for your Pilates workout that can also be logged into your weekly workout chart. FitClick personalized fitness programs can also help you with weight loss goals and daily calorie tracking.

Exercise TV

If you haven’t heard about Exercise TV3, it’s typically known for its various prerecorded exercise programs made available through cable fitness and health channel on-demand viewing options. However, you don’t need cable or satellite TV to get free pilates exercise programs for the home or while on-the-go. Exercise TV offers a variety of free Pilates exercise routines online via its official website.

Work out as a beginner or as an advanced exerciser to a variety of pilates videos led by professional pilates instructors via TV or a computer. You can work out to Pilates videos with different time lengths, such as Exercise TV’s 10-minute workouts, which are especially beneficial for those on a tight schedule. Complete 30-minute workouts daily by sliding in 10-minute Pilates routines into your daily schedule three times a day. If you’re using the Exercise TV website, look under the “Quick Workouts” category for even shorter workout routines, or under the “Full Workouts” category for a few longer 20-minute workouts. However, find various Pilates videos with different time lengths under the “Pilates” category.

Besides promoting weight loss, the website Diet.com4 also provides a free pilates exercise program you can follow at home. Similar to Exercise TV’s website format, you can choose various Pilates videos led by professional pilates instructors to follow during your daily exercise routine.


If you ever get tired of working out using the same free Pilates routines, you can find thousands of free Pilates instructional videos on YouTube, such as the 7-minute “How To Achieve Great Abdominals”5 video by VideoJug on YouTube. As you learn various Pilates routines, you can begin to memorize different exercises you can do on your own. Add more exercises to your repertoire as you learn them via free Pilates exercise programs.