Best Yoga Exercises for Abs

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Triangle Pose

Triangle pose is a popular asana that is also known by the name of Trikonasna. Trikonasna involves keeping the legs spaced approximately four feet away from each other.Keep your toes and your heels both inline. Elevate your left and right arms to shoulder level and keep your palms down.

Point your right foot in the “right” direction, all while maintaining straight hips. Keep your thighs tight and your knees pulled up straight to increase the crease in your hips. While keeping your palms up, elevate your right hand and raise it over your head.

Touch your ear with your right hand as you maintain evenness of your shoulder and left hand. Then, as your right hand hand points towards your foot, stretch down while exhaling at the same time.

Reach with your arm down to either your ankle or your shin (whichever you prefer) and keep your shoulders at the same level.

Open up your chest and raise your gaze up to the fingertips of your left hand.

Then repeat the exact same process for the left side of your body.

Crow Pose

Crow pose is a yoga asana that functions to encourage strength in the abdominal muscles, as well as in the forearms and wrist. The pose is also known as Bakasana.

To begin this asana, bend your knees subtly, and put your palms on the floor, face down. Keep your palms roughly shoulder distance away from each other. Then, put your knees on your upper arms' backs. Move forward and slowly elevate your head as you do so. Remove your feet from the floor (one foot at a time) to achieve balance with both of them in the air.

Apart from strengthening the abdomen, the Bakasana pose also serves to enhance balance.

Boat Pose

Boat pose is a common and relatively simple yoga asana that aims to build up strength in both the core and the abdominal region. Start in a seated position. Then raise your legs straight up into the air (into a 45 degree angle).

Allow your torso to fall back. However, it is important to not allow the spine to fall down. With your body, create a “V” shape. With your shoulders, take your arms out and extend them in a straight manner. Finally, maintain balance on your “sit bones,” which are located in the area of your pelvis where you sit.

Cat - Cow Stretch

Cat - Cow stretch is an extremely simple beginner’s yoga pose that works to promote the strength of the abdomen, while also enhancing the flexibility of the spine. This pose can also be effective at reducing and preventing back ache.

Begin this pose by going on all fours, similarly to a four-legged animal. Take your wrists below your shoulders, and bring your knees below your hips. Concentrate on making your spine a straight and direct line that travels from the hips to the shoulders. Mentally try to picture the line going from the head all the way to the coccyx (or tailbone). Maintain the neck as a normal spinal extension.


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