Fitness for Seniors

It's important for seniors to stay fit. With a healthy fitness schedule they can maintain their independance, live longer, get over barriers like joint replacement, poor rotation, poor vision and more.

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  • Blast from the Past!
    Exercise should be a part of your routine regardless of what stage of life you are in. Read about the various exercise videos for seniors on the market so that you can choose the one that is best for you.
  • Seniors Get Fit and Have Fun With Zumba
    What is Zumba, and how can it benefit seniors? Get the answer to this question and learn about different workout routines you can participate in to help you stay healthy. Figure out which type of Zumba is right for you and how it can be a fun way for you to stay fit.
  • Exercises to Help Senior Citizens Prevent Falls
    These five simple exercises help senior citizens reduce their risk of falls by targeting balance. These exercises also help coordination, strength and flexibility.
  • How Strength Training Affects Metabolism in Seniors
    Seniors can expect to see a boost in their metabolism by as much as 15% as a result of a consistent strength training program. These benefits can be realized by doing these exercises as little as a few times per week in the comfort of their own homes.
  • Building Muscle Over 50
    If you're over 50 and want to build strength, it's not too late. Learn the many benefits of resistance training and building muscle over 50 with examples of some safe and effective exercises help you get started.
  • Muscle Growth Exercise Routines for People Over 50
    Understand the importance of a strength training exercise and muscle growth for people over 50. Discover strength training exercises you can do at home or at the office. Learn how to start strength training with weightlifting routines.
  • Relieving Stress With Simple Tai Chi for Seniors
    Tai chi for seniors is a great way to relax from the stress of the day. Tai chi is a gentle, low impact form of exercise. Tai chi provides many benefits that include relaxation, stress relief, and balance of mind, body, and spirit, which makes for a great senior exercise program.
  • Best Exercises for 60-Plus Men
    The potential to improve just about every aspect of life is what regular exercise can do for the 60-plus male. Benefits such as improvements to health, appearance, strength, and much more is enough reason to get started today.
  • Weight Training for Seniors
    Weight training is an important activity for all ages, but seniors need it even more. With aging comes inevitable changes in our body structure and composition. This article will address two issues associated with aging which can be managed with weight training exercises.
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