Seniors and Body Building

Seniors and Body Building
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No one can dispute the fascination that is brought about by viewing those who body build. If you have ever channel searched, you are usually prompted to remain on the station that holds body-building competitions a few seconds longer than you would other channels. Well, have you ever considered watching senior body-building? Yes, there is indeed a vast amount of senior citizens who are seriously committed to body-building. But is body-building safe for seniors? This article will explore the art of seniors who body build and examine just how safe it is to body-build in the golden years.

Safeguards for Senior Body Building

Having a regular exercise regime usually results in maintaining health, improving confidence, and boosting energy. As we age it’s also very important to keep an active lifestyle. Some benefits of remaining active as we age include:

  • Exercise aids seniors to lose and maintain weight.
  • Exercise helps in the recovery of injury faster.
  • Exercise helps ward off chronic diseases.
  • Exercise provides flexibility to muscles and joints.
  • Exercise aids in sleeping.

The aging process brings about changes in our body, some noticeable, some not. Because our bones become more brittle as we age, those seniors considering incorporating a program of exercise in their life should first consult with their physician.

Senior citizens who consider body-building should so much the more take extra precautions before attempting to delve into this sport. Consider the following precautions:

  • Consult with a physician to see if you are a good candidate for body-building
  • Start off slow and consider getting a personal trainer
  • If using weights, start off light
  • Don’t over exert yourself and get plenty of rest
  • Remember to eat a proper diet (eat enough protein)

Oldest Female Body-Builder at 73 and 66 Year Old Male Body Builder

66 year old body builder

Benefits of Senior Body Building

Not only is senior citizen considered okay for some but it is actually encouraged. One benefit of body building as we age is that it tends to make those involved look at least ten years younger than they are.

As men age, they being to lose some hormone levels called testosterone. Those men between the ages of 40 and 60 usually experience 35/5 decrease in muscle mass largely due to under-use and neglect. Those seniors who try body-building will learn that they can not only stop the muscle loss but also begin building muscle mass.

An Inspiring Senior Body-Builder

Scott Hults who is also nicknamed “old navy”, trained for his first body building competition at the age of 61. Mr. Hults have competed in a host of body-building competitions and has won 50 trophies is such categories as weight, height, age class, and best poser. His are some other yearly accomplishments:


  • FAME WNSO men’s Masters World Championship in Toronto
  • Masters Pro Card at the NGA National Bodybuilding Figure Championships
  • Pro Card at the International Drug Free Athletics
  • Canadian Class II in Toronto


  • Master Pro Card From WNSO at age 64
  • Placed 3rd in the first two NGS Pro Shows
  • Won Grand Master Pro Class at the WNSO Championships in Miami, Fl.

If you ever ask yourself the question, is body building safe for seniors? Remember Mr. Hults who was told to slow down by some in the gym at the beginning of his body-building career. Mr. Hult demonstrated that with perseverance, anyone at any age can indeed fulfill their dreams with hard work and determination. It appears that body building and seniors are a good match after all.


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