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A comprehensive compilation of articles focused on dieting tips, tricks, and tidbits. This topic is dedicated to information about dieting that will get you started, keep you on track, help you to succeed and more. Learn when to eat, how much to eat, and when to stop eating before bed or any other time. Learn why skipping breakfast is bad for your goals and why snacking isn't as taboo as you think.

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  • Planning a Mediterranean Diet: Ideas for Healthy and Delicious Meals
    A Mediterranean diet is known as a nutrient-rich, high-fiber diet, relatively low in protein and saturated fat. Learn to enjoy a Mediterranean lifestyle with lots of physical activity and relaxed, leisurely meals enjoyed with family and friends with these meal ideas.
  • You Mean There’s Mexican Food I Can Eat on a Diet?
    When you think of Mexican food, you may automatically think of enchiladas laden with cheese, guacamole, Mexican beer, crispy tostada chips, refried beans and sopaipillas. Look on the other side and envision fajitas, soft chicken tacos, pinto beans, salsa and bean burritos “sin queso.”
  • Sticking to a Low-Carb Diet: Canned Foods with Low Carb Content
    If you are following a low carbohydrate diet you can still include healthy, convenient canned foods in your diet. Find out how with these tips.
  • Can Fruit Make You Thin? The Science Behind Dieting With Fruit
    Even research supports eating lots of fruit to promote a healthy weight. Learn about the benefits of enjoying fresh fruit for weight loss.
  • How Good is Cheese for Dieters?
    Cheese is a first class protein food. It is rich in calcium with no carbohydrates. But is cheese good for people who are dieting?
  • The Best Diet for African American Black Women
    Black women face alarming obesity rates. In order to counter this epidemic, these women must research healthier food choices and change their outlook on how and what they eat. Learn about the best diet for African American black women who are ready to commit to an enjoyable, healthy lifestyle.
  • Taylor Swift’s Diet Tips
    Taylor Swift is a music sensation with a pop rock country style and melodious voice. She is also known as one of the most in shape celebrities of the moment. Learn about Taylor Swift’s diet tips to keeping fit and feeling healthy!
  • Choosing Fruits While Dieting
    Here are some of the best fruits to consume to lose weight and fruits you should refrain from eating when on a diet.
  • How to Follow the Feingold Diet: Allowed Foods
    Learning what foods are allowed on the Feingold diet is the first step toward healthy meal plans for your family. Food items allowed include specific fruits, vegetables and meats.
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