Discover the Benefits of Green Tea for Dieting: Weight Loss and More

Discover the Benefits of Green Tea for Dieting: Weight Loss and More
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The Green Tea Diet – Fad or Fact!

The Green Tea Diet originated in China thousands of years ago. Many people may have heard of the Green Tea Diet, but they don’t know how it exactly works. Basically this diet is all about incorporating 3 to 4 cups of green tea into your everyday meal plan along with regular daily exercise. There is no “Green Tea Diet” as such. It’s just adding green tea as the beverage choice to regular meals.

Several studies have indicated that the green tea diet leads to weight loss and prevents a myriad of health problems.

Weight Loss Benefits

Nothing can be dubbed as miracle weight loss food, drug or drink. But, green tea has been claimed to bring a number of benefits to those trying to lose weight. A study reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicates that certain components of green tea, including caffeine and some antioxidants, accelerate metabolism as well as oxidation of fat. Thus, drinking green tea boost’s the body’s rate of calorie burning that aids in weight loss. In addition to stimulating fat burning, the catechins present in green tea help to restrain the movement of glucose into fat cells. This slows the rise of blood sugar after a meal that promotes fat storage.

An animal study at the University of Chicago found that rats, after being injected with green tea extracts, lost up to 21 percent of their body weight. This may have resulted due to the blood sugar controlling effects of green tea. Therefore, green tea also aids dieting by curbing appetite.

The Added Benefits

Some of the additional benefits of green tea for dieting are:

  • The green tea diet may delay or avert the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. It inhibits three brain damaging chemicals (acetylcholinesterase/AChE, butyrylcholinesterase/BuChE, and beta-secretase) that are responsible for the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Incorporating green tea in your diet can help you fight flu. Green tea comprises of a substance called L theanine that stimulates T-cells for fighting the vicious viruses.
  • The antioxidants present in green tea are very effective in fighting cancers. It reducing the occurrence of bladder, colon, esophageal, rectal, pancreas and stomach cancer by appox. 60 percent.
  • It increases the ratio of HDL (good cholesterol) and lowers LDL (bad cholesterol).
  • It helps in preventing heart attacks and heart strokes by preventing the development of blood clots.
  • It helps in regulating high blood pressure and blood sugar levels as well as preventing Type 2 diabetes.
  • It promotes oral health by destroying plaque forming bacteria.
  • It protects the liver against toxins.
  • Green tea helps in maintaining a healthy fluid balance in the body that relieves anxiety and exhaustion.


There are no significant side effects when dieting with green tea. However, consuming more than 6 cups of green tea every day can cause diarrhea, dizziness, headaches, sleeplessness, vomiting, irregular heartbeat and loss of appetite. People suffering from heart conditions, kidney diseases, panic attacks, anxiety, and sensitive stomachs should be careful while ingesting the caffeine in green tea.

It’s also important to understand that green tea is not a magic shot. You cannot expect to lose weight by consuming 5000 calories a day with a cup of green. The key to dieting with green tea is balance. A healthy diet with green tea as a beverage choice along with sufficient amounts of exercise will help you achieve lasting results.

Since green tea contains caffeine, it is not recommended for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers.


Green tea has numerous remedial properties that can enhance the quality of your life. Besides fighting cancer, protecting your liver, and destroying excess fat, it also tastes delicious! Though it’s not a magic potion, it can certainly enhance your overall health and aid you in losing weight. So, drink green tea for your health and for your body!