Hollywood Diet – Does the Hollywood Diet, Another Liquid Diet, Promote Healthy Weight Loss?

The Basics of the Hollywood Diet

The Hollywood Diet is a liquid diet that uses the term “Hollywood” in hopes of increasing sales and followers. The diet consists of a liquid drink to be consumed on 24 hour or 48 hour cycles. The diet claims to detox the body and help to reduce overall body weight by five pounds in as little as 24 hours.

For users who wish to continue the weight loss, the Hollywood Diet drink can be used as a part of daily meal replacement shakes and an available multi-vitamin branded to the Hollywood Diet name is said to include all the supplements needed to reach the target weight goal you have set.

The Approved Foods List for the Hollywood Diet

The approved foods allowed on the Hollywood Diet are simple: there are none. The liquid diet drink is the sole means of nutrition for either 24 hours or 48 hours depending on which Hollywood Diet the dieter chooses to practice.

The Hollywood Diet drink claims to contain only 100% fruit juice.

Does the Hollywood Diet Afford Long Term Weight Loss?

The answer to this question is a resounding NO! The Hollywood Diet is not only a short term laxative, but the website tells the user “Do not consume food…For Optimal Results.” Any diet that does not allow the consumption of food and is practiced without the care of a physician is simply a fad. This diet is not only a quick way to become dehydrated, but an even quicker way to begin the pattern of yo-yo dieting.

Scientific Proof For or Against the Hollywood Diet

The Hollywood Diet is essentially a juice fasting, detox diet and science says we can leave that to the natural processes of the body. According to Dr. John Emsley, “There is a popular notion that we can speed up the elimination process by drinking fancy bottled water or sipping herbal teas, but this is just nonsense. In fact, many of the detox diets and supplements really aren’t that good for you, nor have they been properly tested.”

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