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Apple Juice Diet – Is Fasting With Apple Juice a Healthy Choice?

written by: Summer Banks • edited by: Rhonda Callow • updated: 2/13/2009

Feeling bloated? Need to lose a few pounds? Drinking apple juice for three days straight is the best way to starve yourself thin and starving is just what the body will do!

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    The Basics of the Apple Juice Diet

    When it comes to fad diets there is a difference between silly fad diets and fad diets that can be harmful to your health. The Apple Juice Diet is one of the more dangerous fad diets followed today. For three days, the dieter will only consume apple juice in large quantities.

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    The Approved Foods / Juices List

    The only approved juices on the approved food list for the Apple Juice Diet is apple juice, olive oil and lemon juice. The apple juice needs to be organic, unsweetened, unfiltered and unpasteurized.

    On the fourth day, the olive oil / lemon juice mixture is the only variable factor in the Apple Juice Diet. Some versions of the diet include salt water laxatives during the fourth day along with olive oil and grapefruit juice.

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    Does the Apple Juice Diet Afford Long Term Weight Loss?

    The Apple Juice Diet does not afford long term weight loss. As a matter of fact, the consumption of large amounts of natural, unsweetened apple juice is misleading and may be harmful to the body. During the three day fast, one to two gallons of apple juice are often consumed each day. One gallon of apple juice contains 128 fluid ounces. With one fluid ounce of apple juice containing 4 grams of carbohydrates, the total carbohydrates consumed are 512 grams per gallon. The total number of calories for every 512 grams of carbohydrates is 2048 calories of pure natural sugars. For the dieter who consumes 2 gallons, these numbers will double.

    This diet may help the dieter to lose weight over the course of the fast, but that weight will come back as soon as whole foods are added back into the diet.

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    Scientific Proof For or Against the Apple Juice Diet

    Science has yet to investigate the Apple Juice Diet by name, but the effects of a high carbohydrate diet are noted significantly. One publication noted the effect of a high carbohydrate diet as increased levels of insulin in the body. This increase in insulin can lead to insulin resistance in people who are predisposed to diabetes or who are currently affected by metabolic disorder.

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