Kundalini Yoga: Unleash the Fire Inside

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Focusing on Correct Spine Alignment

Kundalini is Sanskrit and translates roughly to “coiling like a snake” and this type of yoga focuses on many exercises, involving the spine, designed to uncoil and unleash the intense power that is wrapped around the base of the spine at the sacrum, also known as the tailbone. The maintenance of proper spine alignment which Kundalini Yoga for energy and super radiance provides is enough to make this an integral component of your fitness regimen. However, the added benefits of increased focus and a optimal sense of vitality received after stimulating the many nerve centers at the base of the spine are alluring to say the least.

This series on the physical and mental benefits of Yoga (see Yoga for Beginners) highlights some of the most prominent yoga disciplines to explain a little of the philosophies and specific practices (your work on the mat) involved with each different kind. Read about each to decide which practice entices you the most and keep in mind that the practice of yoga will improve your ability and the quality of experience in every other fitness activity you partake in. It simply moulds your body to work at its optimum potential.

If you are looking to rise to a higher spiritual plane, improve awareness, consciousness, and pretty much all your other senses, then a Kudalini awakening is for you. My snowshoes both broke late one night on the way back from a desolate peak in Northwest Montana. Slogging noisily through the deep snow, I suddenly found myself in the midst of a rowdy pack of wolves on a fresh kill and a few of them loped in rather close to take a look at the bedraggled spectacle that I was. This night was both exhilarating and terrifying but most of all, I experienced levels of awareness and a sharpening of my senses (to include a vague impression that I had the ability to commune with these creatures known for their almost supernatural intuitions) that I never knew was possible. I only relate that experience because sometimes I feel this way after practicing Kundalini Yoga. And I am also grateful to that majestic Nine Mile Wolf Pack for not ripping me to pieces with their jaws which are capable of chewing up bones.

A Kundalini Awakening of Body, Mind, and Spirit

The practice itself often involves manipulating breathing patterns and a heavy concentration (mindfulness) while maintaining different postures the teacher leads the student in. It’s no coincidence that the term backbone is used so widely to signify strength and courage and this yoga works to fortify your spine and correct all those years of misuse and abuse. In a Kundalini class I took once we moved through poses rapidly while engaging in a quick staccato inhalation and exhalation known as ‘The Breath of Fire.’

By cleansing the mind and body with well directed oxygen during the practice of Sahaja (as it’s also known), many practitioners experience a new level of self-realization and a melding of body, mind, and spirit such as they never have experienced before. Perhaps you’ve heard of certain energy channels within the human body known as Chakras. This type of mat work is designed to balance those chakras and if you believe that is hocus pocus, you’re missing out on the mystery. Every cell in your body has a brain. This type of yoga also does wonders for your kidneys and adrenals over and above what it does for your muscular and skeletal systems.

As for the actual poses you’ll be doing on the mat, the positioning of the spine is the key focus as you engage in cross-legged positions and other more traditional poses. The student will often move in an animated fashion and there’s usually a lot of mantra chanting involved in Kundalini Awakening Sahaja Yoga. Breath control, meditations, and visualizations are also standard. It is said that when your second chakra set kaur is balanced you will have amazing creativity.





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