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This section contains articles on strength training exercises, routines and equipment.

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  • Strength Training Exercises for the Biggest Muscle Groups
    Although health organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend strength-training your major muscle groups twice weekly, they don't actually tell you how to meet that goal. Come along as a certified personal trainer teaches an exercise for each major muscle group.
  • Four Best Exercises for a Lower Abs Workout
    If you’re trying to firm up those jiggly areas beneath your belly button, you need a lower abs workout. Regular abs exercises won’t touch your lower abdominal region, but in this article you’ll learn which exercises will melt away that fat.
  • What is Best: Strength Training or Endurance Training?
    If you’re wondering whether strength training or endurance training should be the primary concentration of your fitness regimen, this article offers you some important considerations to take into account. Read on for a common sense approach to this debate.
  • Developing a Golf Weight Training Program for Improve Performance
    Ever wonder what golfer's do to train and work out? It's a lot more than practicing their swing. This article talks about specific training guidelines that golfers can use before their season and during.
  • Beginner Weight Training Tips for Women
    Do you want firmer arms? Beginning weight training for women, when added to a regular fitness routine, can help you transform your arms to achieve the sleek, toned look that every woman desires.
  • Strength Training to Relieve Pain Naturally
    A strength training program can be beneficial to people experiencing chronic muscular pain. Strength training can be using to treat wrist pain, shoulder pain and many others. Read on to discover how to incorporate a strength training routine in your life and start living pain free.
  • Dumbbell Exercises
    Dumbbell exercises can be easy, inexpensive, and safe. Instead of requiring large pieces of expensive equipment, all you need is a good set of dumbbells.
  • How To Perform an Overhead Press With Dumbbells
    The overhead dumbbell press, sometimes called a shoulder press, mimics the real-world movement of pushing something heavy up onto a high shelf. But even if you don't spend your workday hefting heavy boxes, this exercise builds strength and endurance in your shoulders and arms.
  • The History of Taekwondo
    Taekwondo is one of the most commonly practiced martial arts in the world. The history of Taekwondo is a long and rich one, with falls in popularity and resurgences constantly evolving the art.
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