Water Dumbbell Exercises to Improve Strength

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How Water Works Better

Doing exercise in the water has so many benefits, particularly to those suffering from health issues such as joint problems, recovery from surgery or injury, and those with life-long conditions, like arthritis, which can make traditional exercise painful. It becomes even more beneficial when you add water dumbbell exercises to improve strength. The reason why is because the water gives buoyancy to any movement, providing cushion for the joints, tendons, and ligaments. Unlike traditional strength training with weights, there is no impact on the body, making it an ideal way to train for fitness.

A Wave of Strength

Using water dumbbells exercises to improve strength works much the same as on dry land, but with a slightly different movement pattern. Resistance in using aquatic dumbbells is felt anytime the weight is pushed against the water. For example, a bicep curl on land is simply raising the dumbbell from a straight arm position with the weight at your side, and bending at the elbow to lift. The resistance is felt coming up. However, by doing this in the water, you will find that the hardest part of the same exercise is felt in trying to push the weight down to start the exercise. Now a bicep curl is a tricep extension. It is important to understand how the body works and what parts are being exercised, in order to get the full benefits, and be able to train properly on your own. A simple list of water dumbbell exercises to improve strength are listed below, with easy to follow instructions to execute for a really great workout that almost anyone could accomplish.

Using Your Water Weights

Make sure a proper warm up is done before beginning these exercises to prevent any injury. This could be as simple as walking at a fast pace from one edge of a pool to another, or swimming a lap or two. The first exercise is a combination exercise, which uses many muscles in the body, and thereby gives a person a much better workout. Hold the dumbbells in each hand with the arms slightly bent at the elbow. Stand in at least waist high water with the legs a little more than shoulder width apart, bending at the knees as if trying to sit back in a chair. Bring the dumbbells out at shoulder height out away from the body, and open the arms wide. Now slowly pull the dumbbells against the water to an arms together position. Return the arms to start position with the same speed. This exercise, known as a butterfly, will normally work the chest and anterior deltoid (shoulder) muscles. However, when in the water, this same move will work those muscles and the triceps, as well as the core muscles of the body. Another one of the best water dumbbell exercises to improve strength will target the lower body. Stand in water that is waist high, with dumbbells in each hand out in front of the body, arms fully extended. Keeping the weight steady for balance, slide the right leg behind the body into a lunging movement. Make sure to keep the back straight and head up throughout the exercise to prevent injury.

Water Weight Gains of Strength

In addition to the water dumbbell exercises listed above, there are also a variety of resistance tools to use for building strength in the water. Floatation belts, ankle weights, hand fins, or even a pool noodle are used to provide that extra resistance needed to build strength in the water. There is unlimited possibilities to what a person can accomplish with a little creativity in movement. Using water dumbbells to improve strength can be so much fun, and feel good too. So dive in and enjoy!


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