Sports Training

Get the tips on how to keep in shape for your favorite summer sport during the winter months. Also check out our great winter performance tips like skiing, snowshoeing, skating and more.

Brief History of Tae Kwon Do

The history of Tae Kwon Do bring us through the culture of Korea, where the martial art originated. It’s now a popular sport that’s included in the Olympics. Let’s take a look back at where Tae Kwon Do came from.

Interval Training for Basketball Players

Do you need information about interval training for basketball players? Here you will learn about both the importance of interval training and how to incorporate it. Basketball is more than just shooting and dribbling and interval training will give players the extra edge they need to win games.

Best Mixed Martial Arts Training Exercises

If you’re interested in getting into Brazilian jiu-jitsu, muay thai, and submission grappling or just want to look like your favorite Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter, starting a mixed martial arts training routine can get you ripped and in shape within a matter of weeks or a couple months.

Calories Burned Playing Basketball

Basketball is a fast paced, action filled game. But have you ever wondered about exactly how effective a workout you get playing basketball? Are calories burned playing basketball higher than other activities? How many calories are burned playing basketball? The answers are clear.

5 Exercises To Help You Jump Higher

Many sports require you to jump higher such as basketball, cheerleading, track, volleyball, and more. Train hard and use these exercises to help you jump higher. Vertical jump training can help you dominate your sport and become a more valuable teammate.

Learning about Soccer Goalkeeper Drills

The goalkeeper is definitely one of the most important players in the entire sport because the success of the game can largely depend on them. Soccer goalkeeper drills and exercises are important for goalkeepers to keep them in top shape and skill level.

Shooting Drills for Basketball

Shooting is the essential skill in basketball. You must have the proper form, and practicing the proper form and mechanics will give the person more shooting skills. The more you practice the better you will get. Shooting drills for basketball should be fun, so make them a game as often as possible.