How to Practice Dribbling a Tennis Ball to Improve Your Basketball Game

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Stationary Tennis Ball Dribbling Drill

Instead of standing still and dribbling your basketball, switch to dribbling a small tennis ball. Challenging, yet effective, this basketball dribbling drill using tennis balls will improve your ball handling ability which can help you improve your overall basketball game.

Hold one tennis ball in your right hand. Put your feet shoulder width apart and use your hand to push the tennis ball down to the ground. Dribble the tennis ball five times using your right hand. Stop dribbling the ball, switch hands and dribble five times with your left hand. At first, you may need to watch the small tennis ball as it travels from the ground up to your waiting hand. Try briefly looking away from the ball until you can dribble five times in a row without glancing at the ball. Because of the relatively small size of the tennis ball, remember to use your finger tips rather than the palm of your hand while dribbling.

Walking Two Tennis Ball Dribble

After stationary basketball dribbling, walking dribbling is one of the next basketball skills learned. Using two tennis balls for this traditional basketball drill adds an extremely challenging aspect.

Begin the drill using just a single tennis ball. Walk slowly down the court, dribbling one tennis ball with your right hand. Once you reach the end of the court, turn around, and walk back using your left hand to dribble the tennis ball.

Once you have mastered this, alternate dribbling the tennis ball between your left and right hand as you walk. Progress to running, and then sprinting while dribbling. Use two tennis balls once you are able to successfully negotiate the length of the court while dribbling one ball. Hold a ball in each hand and dribble while standing in place. Slowly take steps forward, dribbling each ball at the same time. Do not give up - this is an advanced technique.

Tennis Ball Basketball Catch

Catching and rebounding the basketball during a ball game is an essential skill of a good basketball player. You may have spent many hours throwing and catching the basketball while standing in one place, running across the court and after making a basket. Although unconventional, this basketball drill using tennis balls will improve your catching skills, coordination of your dribbling hand and help your eye hand coordination.

Stand in one place, about three feet away from a partner. Begin dribbling the basketball with one hand. Do not look at the basketball, but rather look at your partner, who is holding a tennis ball. Without any warning, your partner will toss the tennis ball to you. Try and catch the tennis ball without stopping your rhythmic dribbling. Hold the tennis ball for five dribbles, and throw the tennis ball back to your partner. Repeat with both hands. Throwing the tennis ball with your non-dominant hand is difficult, but an excellent way to improve your ball handling abilities.


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