Detailing the Basic Rules of Basketball.

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Basketball is a team sport that can be played indoors or out. There are two teams consisting of five players each that attempt to drive the ball to the opponent’s end of the basketball court and shoot (throw) the ball through the opponents hoop. A defensive team will work to stop the offense from making a basket and gaining control of the ball. At the end of the game, the team with the most points wins.

The Basketball Court

Basketball is played on a rectangular court that is 28 x 15 meters, and has two baskets on opposite ends of the court. Most indoor courts are made from wood and outdoor courts can be concrete. The main objective of the game is to drive the basketball to the opponent’s end of the court and place the basketball into the basket by skillfully throwing the ball. The baskets, called hoops, are usually placed ten feet above the ground.

Rules for Offense

The player with the ball must move the ball down the court by running or passing to a teammate. While running or walking with the ball, that player must continually bounce the ball against the ground with one hand. If the player touches the ball with two hands or stops dribbling the ball, they must stop and can only move one leg. At this point they have to pass or shoot the ball to continue. If the player continues to move again, this is called “double-dribbling”. The offensive players will attempt to dribble the ball down the court or pass to get within range to shoot the ball through the hoop. If the defensive player is able to intercept the ball then they become the offense and the direction of the game changes. If the offense makes a shot through the hoop, this is called a basket and is worth two points. There is also a point on most courts that is worth three points called the “three point line”. This is marked by an arc that encircles the inner court of the basket.

Rules for Defense

The primary objective of the defense is to stop the offense from making a basket. They will do this by blocking a pass, intercepting a pass, stopping the player with the ball etc. They must also do this without striking, tripping, holding or pushing the other players. This is called a foul. Foul results in the other team being given a free shot at the hoop from a designated spot. This is called a free throw and is done from the free throw line. Fouls can be considered any contact with the other players with the exception of incidental bumping into one another.

Basketball is a great game that can boost overall health, stamina, and energy. It also increases bone strength and muscles while improving physical fitness levels and burning calories. Other variations of the game can be played with fewer players but usually works best with even numbered total players.