Pee Wee Basketball Drills

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Most coaches of youth basketball players will tell you their main job is to make sure the young people develop physical conditioning and discipline, but more importantly have fun. This can prove to be a challenge when teaching pee wee basketball drills to youngsters who are just being introduced to the game. Once a young person is motivated and given the opportunity to run drills, the experience for everyone involved gets a whole lot easier. The following are some Pee Wee Basketball drill used so young basketball players can improve their playing skills:

Youth Pee Wee Drill # 1 “Quick”

The team forms a circle with the coach in the middle. The kids mimic the coach running in place, jumping, etc. When you say the word “quick”, the pee wee players get into the defensive position. If you tell the players to get down, they must continue to what they were previously doing. They are out only if you see them.

Youth Pee Wee Drill # 2 Heads Up/Direction Change

Beside the center court line, the coach is to have 4 to 5 players face him/her. The coach should be at center court. Instructions are given to the players to move along while dribbling in the direction the coach moves, forward and backwards, side to side. The coach is to change direction without saying anything so the players will have to keep their eyes on the coach. As the players progress, the coach is to change directions quicker and faster.

Youth Pee Wee Drill # 3 Red-light/Green Light

This drill begins with everyone having a ball and at the baseline. The coach shouts “green light” and the players begin to walk and dribble. When the coach shouts, “red light’, the players stop.

For younger players just learning, the coach will explain that this is not a race. When the words “red light” are said, the coach will have them increase their dribble. As the play level increases, variations can be added such as using opposite hands, making it a race, walking backwards, or if a player makes and error he/she must go back to start. The coach can also use a whistle with one blow signifying the green light, two blows signifying the red light.

Youth Pee Wee Drill # 4 Red-light/Green Light 2

The coach is to have the players begin at the baseline but not have them too close together. Each player in the group has a ball. When the coach shouts the words “green light”, the players will dribble forward. When the coach shouts “blue” the players will dribble left, when the coach shouts “yellow” the players will dribble right, and on “red” they stop. During this entire basketball drill, the children will continue to dribble.

Basketball Drill # 5 The Speed Layup Drill

The coach times a player for one minute while the team counts aloud the amount of shots the players made and encourages the player during this time.

How to:

The player who has the ball stands at the right side of the basket. The coach shouts “go” and the player shoots the layup using the backboard at the right side. Then the player will go to the left side whether he/she misses or not. The player will continue to alternate sides while the team counts during the time given. A coach may decide to give a strong player just 45 seconds and the weaker player a little more than a minute.

Youth Pee Wee Drill # 6 Speed Dribbling

The players begin at baseline or half court. Each player or line has a ball. The goal is to decrease the number of dribbles.

How to:

The players are to cover the needed distance and count their dribbles. The coach is to have the players cover the same distance and decrease the dribbles by one. This is to be repeated and reduced by one again. This should be continued until the speed is increased.


The above pee wee basketball drills will help a young basketball player develop the skill as well as a love for the game of basketball. By using these interactive drills, the players will have loads of fun as they develop their foundational basketball skills. If your youngster is interested in other sports visit