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Dining out is one of the most difficult things for those who have to follow a special diet. Does the restaurant use peanut oil? Is there gluten in your favorite entree? Is the chicken prepared in the same area as shellfish? People with allergies, or those who just want to drop a few pounds, need to know nutrition information for their favorite restaurants. Knowing what to eat and what to avoid can save you thousands of calories and help you reach your goals.

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  • Which Fast Food Place Has the Best Chicken Salad?
    One of the top salad favorites is Burger King's Tendergrill Chicken Salad. But is this a healthy choice? Find out with the facts about Burger King nutrition for the grilled chicken salad.
  • Calories Found in Lunch Meals at Red Lobster
    Red Lobster is a popular lunch destination, and it offers many low-calorie options for health conscious individuals. Here's what you need to know about calories found in lunch meals at Red Lobster.
  • An Overview of the Taco Bell Diet
    While the Taco Bell diet sounds like a dream come true for most dieters, it is important to know all the facts.
  • Arby's Nutritional Information
    Arby's is a fast rood restaurant that stands apart from the rest due to their unique choice of menu items that include fresh roast beef sandwiches and Market Fresh salads and sandwiches.
  • Blimpie Nutritional Information
    Blimpie is one of the main fast food restaurants chosen to eat out. How do Blimpie sandwiches rate nutritionally? Learn about Blimpie nutritional information.
  • Understanding Hardees Nutrition Information
    Like most fast foods, much of the food found in Hardees menu are rich in calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates and proteins. A judicious selection from the menu, by understanding Hardees nutrition information, makes it possible to enjoy a low calorie nutritious meal.
  • An Analysis of Whataburger Nutrition Information
    An analysis of Whataburger nutrition information indicates much of the menu items are high calorie fattening food. A judicious pick of snack-size and mini meals, selection of the right ingredients and adoption of a smart eating strategy makes it possible to eat healthy at Whataburger.
  • How to Enjoy the Taste of Taco Johns without Ruining Your Diet
    Many of the items in the Taco John menu score high on calories, fat, cholesterol and sodium. A careful selection from the menu, combined with smart eating tips will allow you to eat tasty fast food and still remain healthy.
  • Bonefish Grill Nutrition Information
    Bonefish Grill is a unique seafood restaurant with innovative menu. Before you go and dine-in, here are the Bonefish Grill nutrition facts that can help you pick the best and healthy menu for you.
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