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5 Easy Ways to Deal with Sciatica Pain During Pregnancy

written by: TheresaHalvorsen • edited by: BStone • updated: 10/5/2010

Sciatica pain or radiating pain in the back, buttocks and legs isn't talked about much during pregnancy. But it's something many women have to deal with and they can't take pain killers for. Yet there are many natural techniques you can use to treat sciatica pain.

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    Sciatica Pain during Pregnancy

    You may have noticed, as your pregnancy progresses, a tight or a burning sensation in your lower back that radiates downward. You also may experience tingling all the way down to one of your feet. This is sciatica pain caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve. Unfortunately one of the best treatments is Ibuprofen, which you can't take to treat sciatica during pregnancy. There are some natural techniques you can use instead to treat this painful situation.

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    Try Pelvic Rocking

    Pelvic rocking is an exercise technique that may help with your sciatica during pregnancy. Simply get on all fours, and press the small of your back into the floor while lifting your head. Then raise your head and lift your pelvis. If done correctly, your upper back will round. If you're having difficulty, it may help to tighten your stomach muscles so your upper back rounds. Make sure you breathe out while tucking your head and in while pressing the small of your back toward the floor.

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    Try Heat

    Heat is great at relieving back and leg pain and may help relieve your sciatica during pregnancy. It also may release any muscles you're inadvertently tensing, and a tense muscle is a sore muscle. Try a warm bath, a warm shower or even a heating pad on a low setting. However, make certain you're not increasing your body temperature as this can be bad for the baby.

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    Prenatal Yoga

    Many experts feel that exercise, including yoga stretches may help with sciatica pain. Today, many gyms and birthing facilities offer prenatal yoga classes. If you take a class, let your instructor know you're having sciatica pain so they can recommend some stretches to relieve, and not worsen, the pain.

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    Get onto a Birthing Ball

    Sitting on a birthing ball takes the pressure off the nerve being pinched, offering relief in just a few minutes. To learn more about how to use a birthing or an exercise ball during pregnancy, click here.

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    Be patient

    In general, sciatica pain tends to go away on it's own after a few weeks. However, it can reoccur at any time. In addition, while many pregnant women experience sciatica pain during pregnancy, you may continue to experience it after your baby is born.

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