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Natural Preventative Health

Preventive or preventative health means living a certain way in order to prevent disease. In order to prevent sickness and disease a person must choose a lifestyle that promotes health.Many people are realizing that their lifestyles are actually causing illness and disease. By living a healthier lifestyle and making active choices for themselves, people can prevent disease and illness from occurring.

A healthy diet, the right amount of exercise, making use of natural therapies and avoiding as many pollutants and toxins as possible can provide a basis for a healthy lifestyle that is almost completely free from illness and disease. Learn more about being the healthiest you can be in your mind, body and spirit with these expert articles, tips and reviews.

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  • The Natural Cure for Kidney Stones
    Kidney stones cause sharp intense pain that can last many hours. And those who are experiencing this pain can use natural remedies to assist in passing the stone. Plus, most natural remedies can be found in your refrigerator or pantry. Read on to learn a natural cure for kidney stones.
  • Learn About Toxemia
    Have you ever heard the term toxemia and were not quite sure what it meant? Learn what toxemia is and how it develops and take steps to decrease your chances of developing toxemia.
  • Natural Methods to Reduce Age-Related Growth Hormone Decrease
    Growth hormone (GH) from the pituitary gland is responsible for growth in children and maintaining physiological energy and a healthy metabolism throughout life. It creates the best ratio of muscle to fat in the body. By middle age, production declines. Some think increasing GH will slow aging.
  • Prevention of Lead Poisoning
    Symptoms of lead poisoning can be serious and irreversible. Learn what contains lead and know how you can provide a safe environment, which is important in the prevention of lead poisoning.
  • Is Your Computer Giving You Eye Pain? Find Ways to Get Relief Here
    Anyone using a computer for any length of time probably experiences tired eyes, vision problems or an illness called computer vision syndrome. These conditions can affect old eyes, middle-aged eyes, and younger eyes, including children.
  • Dangers of Flu Vaccine Ingredients
    Before you decide whether to get vaccinated, know about the dangers of flu vaccine ingredients. Although many agree they are safe in the given amounts, others believe they can lead to serious problems.
  • Three Day Detox Diet to Safely Improve Well-Being
    Going on a short detox can do wonders for well-being, removing toxins and revitalizing the body. Learn how to follow a safe detox diet to lose weight and maintain health safely and responsibly.
  • Benefits of Detoxing the Kidneys
    Why detox? Kidneys, as well as other organs of elimination, constantly have to work to eliminate waste from the body. By cleansing with a detox diet you are providing temporary relief and allowing for rejuvenation.
  • Herbs to Prevent PMS
    It is estimated that anywhere from eighty to ninety percent of adult women experience some form of premenstrual syndrome, making PMS prevention a top priority in woman's health. There are a number of herbs for PMS which can alleviate all, or at least most of the symptoms.
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