Men’s Fitness

It’s the norm for men to want to build muscle more than women. But it’s good to know the importants of weight training safely. Also, how to build muscle effectively by preventing injuries and going through the right motions and exercises. Here you’ll find articles, tips, guides and more on all things related to men’s fitness.

Understanding Biceps Anatomy

Do you understand basic biceps anatomy and the exercises to build a big biceps peak? The size of your biceps is partially determined by your genetics, but you can build your biceps peak to its maximum potential with certain types of exercises.

Follow This Beginner Exercise Program: For Men Only

Are you new to exercising? Trying to get back in shape after several years? This beginner exercise program for men is a great way to kick-start a physical fitness regimen. By exercising a few times a week, you can build up your endurance, burn calories, and build muscles.

Men’s Fitness Tips To Get And Stay Fit

These 10 best men’s fitness tips are geared toward keeping you trim, toned, and strong so that each workout you do is worth the time and effort. Adhere to these tips, routines, and resources to optimize your health and physical conditioning. Be prepared for fresh ideas to keep you motivated too.

ASICS 2140 Men’s Running Shoe: A Synopsis Of Expert Reviews

ASICS has been a leading manufacturer of running shoes for over 30 years. Their shoes consistently meet the standards of dedicated runner’s who pound the streets of hometowns across the world along with elite runners on racing circuits. Does the ASICS 2140 Men’s shoe lives up to that tradition?

Asolo Hiking Boots: Worthy Of Your Journeys?

Asolo hiking boots are made by the company of the same name in Italy. Here’s some valuable information and insights if you’re doing your research to buy a new pair of hiking or mountaineering boots and you want to know about the reputation and durability of the Asolo product line.

How to Increase Testosterone With Exercise

According to studies, high levels of testosterone appear to promote good health in men. Yet supplements can get expensive, so we take a look at some bargain-priced (free!) methods proven to increase testosterone with exercise.

Get ready to boost your progress on a budget!

Best Workout Schedule For Building Muscle

There are several specific workout routines that should be used to build muscle. You can maximize your workouts and muscle building potential by using the right combination of exercise and rest. A workout schedule for building muscle is important to avoid hitting your fitness plateau.

Exercises To Workout Your Calves, No Weights Required

Calf muscles are actually one of the easiest muscle groups to work on without weights. Many no-weight calf exercises use gravity and your own body weight as resistance. To complete all of the following exercises, the only thing that you will need is a jump rope and free set of stairs to use.

Top 4 Ways To Build Your Pecs

Working out your pecs can be done most efficiently by using just a couple of traditional exercises. Here is some information on the top 4 exercises to workout your pecs.

Body Sculpting Strategies for Men

Obtaining a sculpted ripped look is one of the most difficult things to achieve when working out. There are four basic factors that play a role in muscle definition. Find out more here.