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It's the norm for men to want to build muscle more than women. But it's good to know the importants of weight training safely. Also, how to build muscle effectively by preventing injuries and going through the right motions and exercises. Here you'll find articles, tips, guides and more on all things related to men's fitness.

Men's Fitness: Read Articles on Strength Training, Muscle Building & Other Tips for Mens Fitness

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  • What Is a Jock Strap Used For?
    Find out what a jock strap, also called an athletic supporter, is used for and what types are available. Plus, learn about different types of protective cups and the history of jock straps.
  • Bulking Up Successfully: Upper Body Exercises for Men
    If you are trying to get a good V-shape, you will need to build bulk in the upper body. Working out the upper back, shoulders and chest will give them the mass to taper down to reveal a trim abdomen, giving the desired V effect.
  • Professional Bodybuilder Workouts
    Looking to start a career as a professional bodybuilder? If so, you need to workout like one. There are several things that bodybuilders do different vs a normal person who exercises, in order to get so massive.
  • Asolo Hiking Boots Review
    Asolo hiking boots are made by the company of the same name in Italy. Here’s some valuable information and insights if you’re doing your research to buy a new pair of hiking or mountaineering boots and you want to know about the reputation and durability of the Asolo product line.
  • How to Set Up an MMA Training Routine
    MMA, or mixed martial arts, is a sport that is quickly gaining momentum in the United States through venues like the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Here, learn what it takes to train for these events.
  • How to build a Biceps Peak
    Do you understand basic biceps anatomy and the exercises to build a big biceps peak? The size of your biceps is partially determined by your genetics, but you can build your biceps peak to its maximum potential with certain types of exercises.
  • Workouts For Men That Are Great For The Beginner
    Are you new to exercising? Trying to get back in shape after several years? This beginner exercise program for men is a great way to kick-start a physical fitness regimen. By exercising a few times a week, you can build up your endurance, burn calories, and build muscles.
  • The Bench Press Skills of Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Have you ever wondered how much the legendary bodybuilder turned politician can bench press? Find out how much he could lift at his prime and what he says about bodybuilding today.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Training in the Gym: History and Philosophy
    Have you always wanted a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger had in his bodybuilding prime? Here, learn Schwarzenegger's bodybuilding secrets, including why he feels that fitness is important for both body and mind.
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