Men's Fitness Tips To Get And Stay Fit

Men's Fitness Tips To Get And Stay Fit
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With the 10 best men’s fitness tips gathered here we will cover a lot of ground to ensure all your conditioning endeavors are working in sync to achieve your overall goals. Workouts need to be coordinated to suit those individual goals which might vary on a case by case basis. However, if you’re still reading this, you’re probably looking to trim down to that fighting weight of yours. So these ten tips are arranged with that purpose in mind, but without neglecting your overall health while we’re at it. Since a huge part of this is mental, we’ll address that aspect too. Furthermore, what we have here for you also serves as a resource roundup in that we present you with the bare basics and then give you a great link for more specific details already presented in another helpful Bright Hub article. That way if you want to learn more, you have the option.

Tip #1

First off, you’ll likely be interested in the best strength routines that will help you across the board in any other physical activities you do. As a matter of fact, physical strength will help you with everything you do in your daily life. Plus, you’re mental game is sharper the better you feel about your physical appearance. Strong muscles protect your bones and prevent injuries, especially to joints like knees and ankles.

When you hit the weights or resistance machines, you ought to break your major muscle groups into three separate workouts over the course of a week. For instance, work your back and biceps one day, chest and triceps another day, and then legs and shoulders to complete the circuit. It’s a good idea to rest a day in between each workout, in terms of lifting. You should do cardio routines on the in between days. As far as which specific exercises you should perform, refer to The Ten Best Strength Training Exercises for an in-depth look.

Tip #2

Put your fitness goals in writing and make each and every workout a step toward achieving those goals. Having something to work towards keeps you in tune with a straightened arrow, which sounds vaguely like a Who song. The point is, goals keep you motivated and working toward something on the horizon, like a mountain climber and the peak in the distance that he wishes to summit. Break goals down into weekly, monthly, and yearly targets and keep track of your progress. Many gyms offer programs broken down in spreadsheet form, but if you want your own, refer to the series Templates for Free Workout Routines for customizable, printable schedules.

Tip # 3

Think Positive

Keep a positive attitude and keep your expectations realistic. Be thankful for what your body can do for you, it’s like your oldest friend so don’t treat your friend like crap and mentally bash him all the time. We can be our own worst enemy sometimes, and getting down on yourself might keep you from staying committed to your fitness regimens. The thought, as the old adage goes, is the ancestor to the deed. Visualizing success and commitment will help you a great deal. Look at it as fun, do the activities you like best, not the things that you find miserable. There are so many options available as far as routines, sports, and classes, that you should be able to find the things you like by trial and error.

Tip #4

It is a good idea to test yourself every once in a while to gage your overall fitness levels. This not only gives you an idea of where you are, but you can set goals based on your results to motivate you to do better the next time. This is called maxing out in weightlifting. Instead of your usual strength routine, you lift what you feel to be your maximum capacity as many times as you can. But you can also use the measuring sticks available that some of the most physically elite organizations in the world, like the Navy SEALs, use to test their conditioning levels. The SEAL Workout described here gives you an idea about how the best in the world make the cut.

Tip #5

Exercise is one of the best practices you can have to cope with and manage the stress in your life. This is another motivator you should use to keep you exercising regularly because it’s a quality of life issue. Your wellness will deteriorate if you’re not coping well with stress and you open the door toward illness and injury later in life. Exercise and Stress Control: Relaxed Intensity will clue you into a mindset that could definitely change your life for the better.

Tip #6

Enroll yourself in new fitness classes. Take a martial arts class or kayaking lessons for instance. Take what they offer in your gym and explore new options. Don’t be afraid or succumb to preconceived notions about who the class is catered to. Variety is the spice of life. Join groups like a track club and know that in nine cases out of ten, they have enthusiasts of all levels that are supportive and helpful.

New Class

Tip #7

Wii Fit

It’s no secret that a lot of guys, no matter what age they are, can be rather fanatical about video games. So using video game capabilities as means to lose weight and stay in shape might be a good way into tricking your mind into thinking that physical conditioning is fun and not hard work. George Root, in Wii Fit: A Guy’s Perspective, makes a strong case for this interactive video game despite the fact that it seems marketed more towards women.

He’ll tell you about the games within this program that guys might just get addicted to along with regimens that they might not try anywhere else but in the virtual world of Wii. This is also in keeping with the variety theme that underlies all these tips. Mix up your routines, try new things because the same old routines can get boring plus your muscles will get acclimated to the same movements, thus making your rote routines less effective. Besides, trying new thinks keeps you young and adventurous.

Tip #8

Here is the back-up plan to Tip # 6. If for any reason whatsoever you don’t want to join a class, there are still plenty of ways to learn just about everything you would learn in one from the comfort of your own home. You can buy a workout video for just about anything under the sun. If you’re on a tight budget, you can still get videos from the library, rent one from a local place, or what they’ve got available on NetFlix. Even YouTube has a bunch of stuff you can find anything from ab routines, to kick boxing. With only a little bit of searching, you will most likely find a source for any fitness related activity or sport you’ve ever been interested in.

Tip #9

ABC-OF-Mountain Biking

Mountain biking makes my list of men’s fitness tips for a more fulfilling life simply because it’s become one of my favorite outdoor activities within the last few years. I didn’t realize how fun it was until I tried it, which is again a plug for trying new things and constantly adding different things to your workouts. Anyway, mountain biking can get you to trails you’ve never seen that will deeply immerse you in the rejuvenating splendor of nature. Plus you can feel free and fearless like you’re twelve again while zooming by trees on the edge of control. The Ultimate Mountain Biking Series will further entice and inform you about this rugged outdoor activity.

Tip #10

Yoga is for everyone and can improve the mind, body, and spirit of anyone who practices it regularly. I practice Iyengar Yoga and it has greatly healed me of many of the nagging injuries and joint pain I always had. And as a combat veteran it has tapped me into a source of serenity that would enhance the life experience of anyone, regardless of background or experience.There you have a comprehensive list to work with to better your life in terms of physical fitness. As you know by now, constantly adapt and improve by training hard and trying all sorts of new activities otherwise your body and mind will fall into a rut.