ASICS 2140 Men’s Running Shoe: A Synopsis Of Expert Reviews

ASICS 2140 Men’s Running Shoe: A Synopsis Of  Expert Reviews
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ASICS Tradition of Excellence

The ASICS 2140 Men’s running shoe is yet another addition to the long line of sport-specific foot apparel that this company has been pumping out since their inception in 1977. ASICS, you may or may not know, is an acronym from the Latin phrase “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano”, which means a sound mind in a sound body. A laudable concept in league with your body is a temple, hosting your mind and spirit. The vast majority of your life will be spent with your feet being the only means of contact with the ground, so taking good care of them is of utmost importance.

Running puts a tremendous amount of pressure on your feet, and a good shoe is the key to preventing pain and injury. Incidentally, are you interested in learning a little bit about the roots of running and when it became so popular? Read A Look at the History of Cross Country Running is an interesting piece tracking the advent of competitive long-distance running.

Technically, the full name of theses shoes are the ASICS GT 2140, although the ‘GT’ is dropped usually, probably for convenience sake (so don’t get confused if you’re surfing the Web for the best prices). The GT-2000 series began in the mid 1990’s and ever since, upgrade after upgrade, the series has maintained a leading position as the most popular all-purpose running shoe on the market. So that bodes well for all runners looking for solid performance from their footwear. Millions of satisfied customers have made the GT-2000 series their choice to meet the earth with, stride after stride.

The Verdict on ASICS 2140 Men’s Running Shoes (5 out of 5)

The foundation of the ASICS GT-2000 series has been a comfortable shoe with a good supportive platform, a simple upper design, and as lightweight as possible. Stability is the key ingredient. This basic concept has remained ingrained in the shoe with each successive model, and the minor technological tweaks that are made. The 2140 model has maintained that tradition of excellence as only a few minor changes have been made which are all for the better, especially in terms of stability. For example, the ASICS 2140 has new material in the midsole, known as Solytec® material that enhances bounce-back capabilities.

The most noteworthy upgrade is a softer, more comfy, plush memory foam sockliner. The new sockliner won’t bottom out as quickly as in previous models either. Another change for the better is in the lacing system, so there’s a bit more room in the toe box.

Testers at Runner’s World (a leading authority on all things running) reported that the fit was snug (in a good way), and the stability factor was enhanced. This might be due partly to the lengthening of something called the Space Trusstic System®, which adds a little rigidity on the median side.

The shoes have won awards and wound up on editors’ choice lists for their quality and comfort. The 2140 is an excellent choice for runners and will do well to protect ankles, knees, and joints. Here’s a link to buy a pair at


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