Natural Remedies for Kidney Disease: Learn How to Improve Kidney Disease

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What It Is

Kidney disease is a broad range of disorders that cause the kidneys to function improperly. When your kidneys do not function correctly, you may experience chills and fever, loss of appetite, a frequent urge to urinate, nausea and vomiting. There may also be back pain that can be sudden and intense. When the kidneys don’t function properly they are unable to excrete salt and other wastes and edema results. Toxins begin to accumulate in the bloodstream.

What Causes It

Various things lead to or cause kidney disease. Bright’s Disease, kidney infections, kidney stones and nephrotic syndrome are just a few of the things that can cause your kidneys to function improperly.


*Avoid salt.

*Drink as much quality water as possible.

*Consume as much raw foods as possible.

*Seeds, legumes and soybeans contain arginine, an amino acid, and is beneficial for the kidneys.

*Reduce use of dairy products and animal proteins.

*A cleansing juice fast can help reduce toxins.


*Cranberry acidifies the urine and destroys bacteria buildup. Drink 3 times a day or take supplements.

*Drink one quart of marshmallow tea every day to cleanse the kidneys.

*Dandelion root extract helps excrete the kidney’s waste product.

*Celery seeds and parsley seeds are natural diuretics especially against high uric acid levels.

*SP-6 Cornsilk Blend from Solaray helps reduce water retention.


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