New Study Shows Turmeric Can Fight Obesity and Diabetes

Does Turmeric Help Fight Obesity?

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Turmeric is a cooking spice commonly used in Asian countries. Turmeric an old herb, could be the new weapon against obesity according to results presented recently at the ENDO 2008, the Endocrine Society’s annual meeting in San Francisco, CA (USA).

Dr. Drew Tortoriello, from Columbia University Medical Center (Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center), researched the effect that turmeric may have on diabetes and obesity. This old herb is believed to be a natural remedy against inflammation. Obesity may have an inflammatory basis, so the authors believe that relieving inflammation with turmeric may have beneficial effects on obese patients.

Researchers conducted an animal study. To study the effect of turmeric on obesity and diabetes type 2 scientists recorded blood glucose levels and glucose and insulin tolerance of mice fed with turmeric based diets and mice which were not fed turmeric (control group).

Results showed that obese mice which had turmeric in their diet, had less inflammation and were less susceptible to develop diabetes type 2. On the contrary the control group (no turmeric in their diet) were prone to develop obesity and diabetes.

Researchers of this study believe that the effect of turmeric in obese turmeric fed mice is due to curcumin, an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant ingredient found in turmeric that minimizes the risk of mice developing insulin resistance syndrome. Also, these mice had less inflammatory processes.

Moreover, the addition of turmeric to the diets of the mice was correlated with a small but significant decrease in body weight and body fat content. This suggests that turmeric may have a beneficial effect on body weight loss.

In addition to testing turmeric on obese mice, researchers tested the effect of turmeric in lean wild-type mice. Both groups (obese and lean wild-type mice ) showed the healthy benefits of turmeric.

Even tough curcumin, has not been tested in humans for its benefits obesity, it is clear that it is correlated to reduction of inflammation and to problems associated with inflammation and other metabolic issues related to obesity. Thus, more research is needed in this area to investigate whether turmeric may be a good weapon against the obesity plague.


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