Herbal Sciences and Medicine

For millennia, long before schools of medicine were established, humans have been treating illness with herbal preparations. Countless current drugs in use by medical practitioners today were derived from herbs. In many cases, these herbal preparations are as effective as expensive prescription drugs and tend to have fewer or no dangerous side effects. Natural healing using herbs can treat all sorts of disorders of the body. Many other countries are much more advanced than the U.S. in using herbs as complementary therapy along with traditional medical treatment. Herbal therapy also may help mitigate the effects of a modern diet, which due to soil depletion from over-farming, lacks some of the healthy qualities that our ancestors enjoyed. Here you will learn how to use herbs for health maintenance and disease prevention.You will learn which herbs most effectively treat a myriad of illnesses and disease.You will learn how to use the herbs, how to grow them yourself and how to make herbal preparations.You will read the most up to date research regarding herbal medicine and the efficacy of herbs as medicine.  

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