Herbal Sciences and Medicine

For millennia, long before schools of medicine were established, humans have been treating illness with herbal preparations. Countless current drugs in use by medical practitioners today were derived from herbs. In many cases, these herbal preparations are as effective as expensive prescription drugs and tend to have fewer or no dangerous side effects.

Natural healing using herbs can treat all sorts of disorders of the body. Many other countries are much more advanced than the U.S. in using herbs as complementary therapy along with traditional medical treatment. Herbal therapy also may help mitigate the effects of a modern diet, which due to soil depletion from over-farming, lacks some of the healthy qualities that our ancestors enjoyed.

Here you will learn how to use herbs for health maintenance and disease prevention.You will learn which herbs most effectively treat a myriad of illnesses and disease.You will learn how to use the herbs, how to grow them yourself and how to make herbal preparations.You will read the most up to date research regarding herbal medicine and the efficacy of herbs as medicine.

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  • The Medicinal Properties of Meadowsweet
    Meadowsweet herbs alleviate the pain and suffering from many common conditions, while still being fragrantly sweet, and gentle enough for children. Drink meadowsweet tea whenever the healing benefits are needed.
  • Increasing Concentration and Focus with Herbs
    Herbs that help you focus and concentrate include skullcap, ginkgo biloba, gotu kola, rooibos and chamomile. Find information on each, including actions, possible side effects, precautions and preparations.
  • Reducing Mastectomy Complications with Herbs: Tips for Increasing Circulation
    Herbs such as cayenne, ginger and prickly ash can be used to help with circulation after having a mastectomy. By stimulating blood flow and the lymphatic system herbal remedies can improve healing and reduce pain and swelling.
  • How to Get Strong, Healthy Locks With Herbs
    Do you want longer, thicker, faster-growing hair? Try using the following herbs to help hair grow naturally.
  • Easing Muscle and Tendon Pain With Herbs
    Did you over exercise, lift too many heavy objects or make a sudden awkward move? If you are looking for herbs to help relax sore muscles and tendons, these can help provide relief by reducing swelling, inflammation and pain.
  • Herbs to Help Reduce and Manage Stress
    We all go through stressful times now and then, but did you know too much stress can have a negative effect on your health? Learn what herbs for stress management can help you when you are faced with tough challenges in your life.
  • Benefits of Comfrey Root
    What is comfrey root for? It is used topically for many conditions, including muscular and joint pains. Learn what else it is used for, what studies have to say about it and why it should not be taken internally.
  • Black Cohosh and Saw Palmetto for Women
    Black cohosh and saw palmetto are used to treat female problems, with one being more popular than the other. Learn about these herbs, including their potential benefits, preparations, side effects and precautions.
  • Mixing Your Own Essential Oils
    Creating your own blends is easy. Learn how to dilute and mix essential oils with these simple steps, and find tips on which oils to use.
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