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Looking for ways to improve your health and diet? We all know that the benefits of healthy eating contribute to a number of factors: increased energy; weight management and weight loss; decreasing you risks of developing chronic illnesses and diseases; and just feeling great overall.

Developing healthy eating habits doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming. Additionally, healthy eating doesn’t mean you need to cash in your favourite foods for flavourless items that you wouldn’t even call edible.

Find helpful and informative articles that will get you on your way to a healthier lifestyle with Bright Hub’s Diet, Nutrition & Healthy Eating Tips.

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  • Best Foods to Speed Up Metabolism
    Want to lose weight or simply feel more energetic? A quicker metabolism is the key. Try this list of foods that speed metabolism, and learn how they work!
  • The History and Nutritional Value of Amaranth Seed
    Amaranth is what the Mesoamerican Indians cultivated thousands of years ago as a food staple. Not a true grain itself, but a seed, amaranth has an incredible nutritional content, with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and amino acids. Learn about the benefits of including amaranth seed in your diet.
  • Best Foods for Preventing Bad Breath
    Besides proper brushing and flossing, one should also eat foods that reduce bacteria buildup in the mouth. There are plenty of foods that prevent bad breath (halitosis), including vitamin C-rich foods, foods rich in dietary fiber and a variety of herbs and spices.
  • Edible Nuts and How to Identify Them
    Nuts can be found all over the world, especially in tropical areas. They have provided flavor and sustenance to humans for hundreds of years, making them an important part of not just our daily diet but our entire history.
  • How to Enjoy Exotic Food For Free
    Edible wild mushrooms grow almost everywhere in the USA, with the Midwest and southern states offering the richest varieties. Most mushrooms appear in spring or fall. Mushroom hunting is a time-honored tradition in many rural areas, and a means to enjoy exotic food not found in supermarket shelves.
  • Ideas for Tasty Meals With Zero Carbs
    A diet without carbohydrates causes the body to undergo ketosis, which is a process of using stored-up body fat to fuel the body’s energy needs. This makes a no carb or low carb diet popular with people who want to lose weight. Choosing the right ingredients allows for safe, tasty zero carb meals.
  • Peanut-Free Food Brands: Avoiding Allergic Reactions with Careful Shopping
    The most serious risk for a person with peanut allergy is baked goods. They may appear peanut-free but cross-contamination during the process of producing can be a possibility. It is best to go for peanut-free foods brand names that guarantee nut-free products made from their nut-free factories.
  • Best Ways to Prepare Yourself for the Coming Food Shortage
    A crisis can strike anyone anytime, anywhere, in any form. People with foresight prepare for such eventualities by maintaining an emergency life sustaining food stockpile, working towards self-sufficiency in food, and by always being prepared with surviving food shortage ideas.
  • Date: The Energy-Boosting Dry Fruit!
    The Date fruit makes a sweet and satisfying dessert, but do you know there are some exceptional health benefits of dates? They are great energy-boosters and a very good source of dietary fiber.
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